Saturday, 15 December 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 14 December 2018

On Monday Brian was under pressure - he has written a rap version of the nativity (which we later discover is called "The Last Christmas" - is this a prediction?) and Liam is after a bigger part (and so is Lily who is just a sheep) so he has learnt the rap of the Three Kings (who have no names remember).  Brian is so impressed he promotes Liam to fourth King adding another twist to the story.  Hopefully we will see more of Liam before too long.

Liz had told Eileen a big fat whopper - claiming she was ill when she was really in the Bistro with the returning Mike Thornberry.  Using her phone tracker software Jenny (whom I went off tonight) knew where Liz was and sent Eileen to get some lemons from the Bistro in exchange for a glass of wine.  Above we can see what Eileen saw of Liz hiding under the table.  Only last Friday these two plus Sean swore off men until after they returned from Tenerife!  Needless to say Mike fails to get his promised early night with Liz and Eileen has not clocked that Jenny deliberately sent her to the Bistro.  Outside on the Street Eileen then threw some of the lemons at Liz!  Not quite fisticuffs but I have no doubt harmony will be restored.

Wednesday marked a new era as Iain MacLeod moved into the credits as producer following Kates Oates.  Almost instantly a new world opened up to us.

Not gorilla knitting Leanne.  Yarn bombing (and that does not mean telling tall tales).  Apparently they knit street art out of vegan wool and use it to cheer up random street corners (which presumably are no longer depressed once wrapped in vegan wool.  We had to watch this bit several times before getting it teased out in our minds - this link will explain all.

Imran for pity's sake.  Leanne Battersby (blonde, short hair) pictured is the daughter of Les Battersby and Sheila Price.  These days she wears smart clothes and is only your pa (bring back Rosie please).  Toyah Battersby (long reddish hair), is the daughter of Ronnie Clegg and Janice Battersby, she likes vegetables and is your girlfriend.  When you are talking to Toyah (out of shot) recalling spending the afternoon slightly pie-eyed in a gallery bumping into sculptures it is worth remembering you actually spent that afternoon with Leanne.  I am surprised he is still alive!

Gemma in Sinead's hearing has just pointed out to Dev that Chesney cares about the woman he loves - Sinead and if Dev doesn't then he must be some kinda weird kebab-shop-owning robot, which was the best put down of the week.  Nice to have Gemma back and on full song!

Craig is having a quiet drink when Evelyn decides to finally report a lost dog to the police.  You can hardly blame Craig for his response - above!  A little later Evelyn announces that Ty and Craig are about as much use as a fishnet sleeping bag which almost got the line of the week!

Coming on Monday, Archie Shuttleworth's funeral the send off to end all send-offs.  We should all raise a glass to Archie!

No extras at work this week which gives me room to put this in:

Carla has just asked Michelle why the long face?  My response was that perhaps Michelle was not entirely happy with her new hair do and look but apparently I was wrong and Robert has not been telling her the entire truth again as he was claiming to be on a cookery course when we was actually learning how to bake a baby with Kate; thinking about it he was not lying that much Michelle!  And having spent ages working how the Battersby sisters are not related (above) it also took me some time to work out how these two are related (their fathers are cousins - hope I got that right).

Writers: Jayne Hollinson & Steven Fay (Monday); Owen Lloyd-Fox & Mark Wadlow (Wednesday);  Sam Holdsworth & Alasdair Morrison(Friday)
Directors: Karl Neilson (Monday); Tim Royle (Wednesday &Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Not sure if you were being serious or not. But if you were, Janice and Les married which means Leanne and Toyah are only step sisters. Eva is related to Leanne by blood, but Toyah has no blood relations with Leanne.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find Gemma's put down of Dev 'funny'but found it to be rather nasty and was surprised that Dev didn't fire her!
I also question the unfairness of the story line when Dev is portrayed as the 'bad guy' for being angry[rightfully so ]for Chesney robbing him to 'help'Sinead [giving little thought to his son Joseph]who due to her own stupidity stopped going to her chemo treatments whereas if she did go her cancer wouldn't have spread in the first place!

Chez said...

Forgot that Johnny is Carla's dad. So does that mean Carla was married to her cousin?

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