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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Corrie Comicals - week ending 21 December 2018

Monday's episode felt as though I had wandered into a Douglas Adams script with the full infinite improbability drive engaged.  At the start of the episode I could just about accept that Roy and Evelyn might be asleep in Woody but to believe that a police officer is actually wandering around and tapping on windows in this day and age is stretching credibility.  Well it amused me!  Later on Kate went completely and absolutely out of character in a way that completely undermined her acting.  I do not like Kate at the best of times but the way she was screwed by the storyline was completely disappointing.  Also strange was when Roy and Evelyn returned to the Street from the police station Roy did not head either home, or to the bus stop or to the tram stop but in the other direction completely.  That really warped my reality.  Any former greyhound has to be chipped.  So Cerberus must be chipped - it is impossible to race an unchipped dog since 1/8/16 I believe.

In the Rovers reality suddenly returned and Kevin recalled Jack Duck egg and his z bed in the cellar getting a crafty forty winks when minding the beer supply.  Jenny turns on "trollop tracker" {(c) Conversation Street} and finds that Johnny and Liz are together.

Ken, Audrey, Lewis and Rita had been to say their fond goodbyes to Archie Shuttleworth (Roy Hudd I can report is still with us).  In his possessions was a present from Blanche which Archie's son felt should come back to Ken - a brass monkey.  Audrey did rather better - she got £80k and almost instantly it was a race between Nick and Lewis as to who would devise the better scheme to part the lady and her money!  You could see it in their faces.  By the way £80k seems to go a long way on t'Street judging by Audrey's plans.

Editorial balance, something from Evelyn has to appear this week and this catches the right tone for Corrie.  Evelyn has been complaining about a shop girl not raising he eyes from her game on a mobile phone whilst serving and then observes "Woolworths - where you used to be able to have a decent conversation over the pick 'n' mix".  Another world!

I have skipped over Brian flying through the air with greatest of ease and then suffering the worst effects of "trapeze" sickness as his earlier beers and tequilas return from whence they came!  Too obvious by half.

Jenny makes it quite clear that a simple snog is indeed important - and it was a nice touch including that word "lady" - which here means that Kate is a long way from being a lady if she snogged someone who is not her other half!  She then went on to offer Kate free counselling which would cost $100 an hour in the USA.  I might have gone off Jenny slightly but this was another superb performance from Sally Ann Matthews.

Looks like Sally is learning the lingo of everyone locked up in a prison - "I didn't do it guv"!  And why doesn't Tim get an extra mortgage or borrow against the business?  Given her incompetence £20k seems like a bit much for the work the solicitor did not do!  The good side of Sally came to the fore later when she kept Abi away from the drug pushing miscreant Marcia (who like one other Street baddie comes from Liverpool) seen above.

Before Sean arrived in the Rovers Eileen and Liz had decided to abort the holiday for spurious reasons (Seb and "Hannah"'s games respectively) and were worried how to tell Sean, who has also decided not to go because he has been asked own to Violet's for Christmas.  They play Sean briefly who above realises that he was being wound up as no-one was off on holiday.  All that lovely cash goes to waste!  Interesting extras in the back ground - obviously a part of the yellow vest protesters from Paris.

Props at Work
Not much evidence of of extras at work this week so we have the magical props moving themselves!

Kate poured a glass of wine and put the bottle by her feet on the floor shortly before the picture on the left.  Jenny asked her to get another bottle from the kitchen and a couple of seconds later the empty bottle was magically on the table where it had jumped to by itself from the floor!  Even David Copperfield could not do that!

Writers: Susan Oudot (Monday); Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Wednesday): Mark Burt & Jayne Hollinson (Friday)
Directors: Michael Lacey (Monday & Wednesday):  Tessa Hoffe (Friday)


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Catsmom said...

Cerberus was adopted by Evelyn; could that have happened before 2016, so that's why he wasn't chipped?

Chez said...

I think when he first went missing someone said he had a chip.

Catsmom said...

I thought the question was raised and the answer was no. I guess we'll find out eventually.


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