Saturday, 29 December 2018

Death shock for Roy in Coronation Street

Tabloid tales today tell us that there's going to be a shock for Roy when he finds out that a member of his family has died.

Want to know who it is? Keep reading.

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OK, here we go.  Mr Curry Sauce has leaked to The Star that Roy's mum Sylvia will be killed off. 

The Star says that Sylvia will suffer a fatal heart attack and that her death will occur off-screen. Roy will receive the news in a phone call but from whom it doesn't say.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Star: "It's a shame she's being bumped off like this."

As a Corrie fan it's sad to know that Sylvia won't be returning to the show again, but I do enjoy watching actress Stephanie Cole in other shows on TV. She was recently on an episode of Number 9 and appears regularly in Still Open All Hours.

I do wonder, however, just why Corrie are killing her off - and what effect this will have on Roy. Perhaps he'll go to attend to his mother's affairs and take a break from the show for a while?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Roy will go to the funeral and discover he has an older half brother … Well, why not? Didn't Roy say recently that he got Christmas presents for the son his mother wished she'd had? Perhaps this favourite son was brought up by Sylvia's married lover and his wife. I feel sure some new discovery will shed light on the difficult relationship between Roy and his mother.

sonia said...

One of the best female characters ever in the show and they're killing her off ? I was hoping she'd be back again to torment good old Roy, She was brilliant and it's a disgrace they're getting rid of such a good typical corrie battlaxe..... Shame !

Laura said...

I was hoping she would be a recurring character as well. Too bad - but hopefully this will lead to a good story line for Roy.

Scott Willison said...

Stephanie Cole's never coming back. May as well kill her off.

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