Thursday, 11 October 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 10th of Oct 7.30pm

Continuing on the day of both weddings, the McDonald's reception at the posh hotel is in full swing, whilst Sinead and Daniel's pagan blessing in the community garden is definitely on. 'Count' Kirk(ula) is Victoria Street's comedic Master of Ceremonies, whilst Tracy, on the other hand, has an announcement of her own. We viewers know she must be planning revenge on Steve, but what?.

As an elusive Leanne escapes from a broom cupboard (classic Tracy), she immediately informs Robert of her ridiculously stupid confession. Isn't it long before they head to the dance floor, the dance we've all been waiting for; where Tracy proceeds to punch Steve!!. Nobody puts Tracy in a corner!.

Before we know it, food flies and a catfight enthrals. But, we know this is just the beginning, as Tracy swears full revenge on her new husband. Hell hath no fury like a Tracy Barlow scorned!.
Liz meanwhile, wants to reconcile with Jim. But, with Hannah's insatiable (and rather bizarre) appetite for the Irishman, I doubt love with run smooth for Steve's Mum either.

Exiting the reception, Jim heads to the hotel room, to reconcile with his ex-wife. But (rather like Tracy's dancefloor punch) a scorned Hannah entices Jim to one last lustily launched final kiss. Unbeknown to Jim, Liz is also in the room. Has Hannah ruined another McDonald reunion?.

I don't know about food fights, I think this could be fireworks.

At least Sinead and Daniels's pagan wedding was blissfully happy anyway... for now.

In other news- Ronan's wreath delivery for Ryan, forces a reluctant Michelle, to confront the gangster.

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