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Monday, 8 October 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 8th October

It's the day of the wedding(s), but we start off with Liz and Jim (Lim? Jiz????), who appear to have taken advantage of Steve's pre-wedding absence by bumping uglies. In front of their "daughter"! Hannah interrogates her "mum" re: the snogging on the doorstep and is only stopped from stabbing Liz with a piece of broken glass by a text message saying that the £10K has come through. Jim tells Liz that he wants to get back together, but to Hannah, he says that he's still playing the con-man and that he doesn't love Liz, but Hannah should take the money and get lost. Well, apart from the last bit. There is a shift of roles at wedding#1 as Abi is promoted to maid of honour, Jim to giver-awayer of Tracy and Dev become best man, to Tim's disapproval (although he gets to be witness).

Daniel is preparing for his urban pagan surprise wedding. I know he and Tracy don't get on, but it seems the ultimate in passive-aggression to throw his and Sinead's nuptials on the same day as his step-sister's, especially with the crossover of guests. Beth resigns from being maiden (sic) of honour, but does give Tracy some information, which is that Steve was coming out of Abi's house with his overnight bag. After she verbally attacks her pal, she attacks Michelle's car, the one Abi was working on, She then, to make it a triple, slaps Snake Hips Steve, who shows her his sweet dance moves to prove that he and Abi have been practising having their time of their lives, not doing the horizontal shuffle. "At least nothing else can go wrong," says Tracy, not really understanding that she lives in a soap opera. And thus...

Leanne says Oliver won't be wearing a kilt as part of his pageboy outfit. Seems a bit hypocritical since she is wearing something that Jane from Rainbow rejected in 1974. "I'm gonna get you, bitch," says Tracy and Leanne misunderstands, thinking that Tracy has found out about her and Steve's tryst and she marches off to the loo to apologise to the blushing bride, who soon catches herself on about what's been going down.

Meanwhile, Sinead has her biopsy and MRI and turns up several hours later to find Daniel down on one knee outside of the community garden, asking her to marry him, right now. Dear men everywhere, these kind of romcom romantic gestures are never a good idea, especially when you may have a life-threatening illness.

And in non-wedding news, Ronan's pet policeman rubs food, and then his fist, into Ryan's face, whilst his "brother" has a meeting with his supervisor, who says that he will have to be suspended following the police investigation into Cormac's death. Damn you Ryan for making Dr Ali unhappy!

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James Knight said...

I'm hoping KO didn't decide to ruin Ali's character before leaving and that he will get his job back as a doctor.

They were really hitting their stride in making Ali come across as a fantastic doctor and gaining a good reputation amongst the street - realising Jack's scepsis, being firm with David's wishes on fighting Gary in the boxing, caring for Craig.

It's all gone belly up for him now. It's just bad and not at all what i want to see!

Pat said...

I totally agree with you James. We need more honest professional characters.

coconno196 said...

How stupid is Leanne?! Apologising to Tracy without checking with others that Tracy really has found out about Leanne's bunk-up with Steve. I think we all know that Tracy's reaction would have been much more extreme than her snide remarks about Oliver's outfit. But I like Steve and Tracy together now, so I hope they sort things out.


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