Sunday, 1 October 2017

Testicular cancer storyline for Coronation Street

There's a story in The Sun this week that says Robert Preston is set to be diagnosed with testicular cancer in Coronation Street. 

Robert will battle the disease with the support of his girlfriend Michelle and The Sun says that the storyline will play out over the autumn.

Mr Curry Sauce told The Sun: "This is going to be a big storyline for Robert which is likely to have Coronation Street fans hooked for weeks."It will really test his relationship with Michelle as she tries to offer him support in his darkest hour. But the big question is whether he's willing to accept her help and save himself."

Michelle will encourage Robert to have a testicle removed in a life-saving operation.

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Anonymous said...

Another cancer storyline?
I'm sorry but having every other storyline center around a medical issue is getting depressing to watch.
I do hope though that Michelle is more supportive of Robert than she was with Steve with his depression.
This will be a true test of her love for Robert.

Tvor said...

I saw photos of Tristan G. at an awards show in full grey hair. I bet that's related to the storyline

corrierules said...

Tvor: Snap!

Flo said...

While I'm all for public awareness for this type of thing, how much more does Michelle need to go through? Couldn't it have been another character?

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