Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Silver Fox Robert returns to Coronation Street

Well, it's a different look, that's for sure.

Next week in Coronation Street, the previews tell us that Michelle visits Robert in prison. And as you can see from the preview picture above, he's changed his look a bit. They mustn't allow prisoners Grecian 2000 in the big house. Either that, or his prison experience has been so scary that it's turned his hair grey.

Whatever the reason, Robert returns to Corrie next week from the visiting room at the jail sporting a head of grey hair.  Or as it's politely called, the silver fox look being a 'handsome grey-haired man'.

I wonder if this is the start of the rumoured testicular cancer storyline for Robert?

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njblas said...

I love it. So much better than that obvious dye job! But I wonder if it will actually be referred to onscreen?

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same... Is it the actors personal choice (is he allowed to have such a choice) or is it for the storyline? Time will tell, I guess!

C in Canada said...

It was a shock for me as well, to see the glaring change.
It's either the actor's choice, or they're going to work it into the story line as the result of the stress of being in prison.

Tilly Flop said...

Yes, apparently it will. I heard Kym Marsh being interviewed and she said they couldn't not mention it

Tilly Flop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

bitch please, why would you get to dye your hair in prison.

J said...

Gray hair still doesn't make Robert interesting. Mr. Frankenstein. Give him a decent storyline.

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