Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Toyah and Peter's baby news

There's good news for Toyah and Peter in Coronation Street next week when they get good news from the surrogate, who tells them she's pregnant.

Now, as much as I love having Toyah back in the show, I'm still not believing that Toyah and Peter are a credible couple. For me, they have zero chemistry together. Toyah is out of her league acting as bar manager at the Rovers Return and Peter behind the bar has been less thrilling than a flat half of stout left overnight in the snug.

On the plus side to this storyline, Liz will start plotting with the brewery against Toyah and Peter. Yay! Get her back behind the bar where she well and truly belongs.

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C in Canada said...

Ooh, I like the sound of Liz plotting anything!

Anonymous said...

Def, bring back Landlady Liz! Toyah/ Peter are totally boring behind the bar.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Most boring couple in the world. Even more boring than Chesney and Sinead. I really hoped their romance was just a plot device to get them both back to the Street. Peter should be with Leanne and Toyah can do whatever she likes.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Humpy Dumpty. This child potentially locks Peter and Toyah together forever.

Was really hoping that Peter and Leanne got back together. What was the point of all those scenes Peter and Leanne had together over the past year and last Christmas? And what was the whole point of Leanne getting as upset as she did when Peter and Carla got together when him and Toyah got together earlier this year?

I never really thought Peter and Leanne were "done" in the way in which some may perceive Sally and Kevin to be. They only had one shot at marriage and a coupling of their kind in soap land deserves at least two run throughs.

You'd think that surely the writers are aware of how poorly received Peter/Toyah being together has been and the chemistry Peter and Leanne have.
Toyah and Peter are both great characters but they're being seriously held back by this coupling.

Whereas, rather ironically, when Peter and Leanne first got together it brought a whole new dimension to both characters and I imagine boosted their popularity.

And PS writers, if you did decide to end Peter and Toyah, please don't then have Peter run off with Carla again as I suspect you may want to!

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