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Coronation Street episode review, Weds 11 Oct, 8.30pm

Guest blog post by by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
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Post snog, the fallout is going to be immense, as the family are excites about a pending new arrival, and Rana has decided she wants something else, Kate. 

Two sets of kids are in trouble. A Barlow and an Alahan. It is interesting how Dev's two little angels are turning to the dark side. Tracy decided on the punishment, whilst Dev is in denial. 

Phelan is about to be a grandad and Eileen, being the realist gets the hot head to back off. But once the words Gary Windass is uttered, tempers fray. 

So much is packed into this episode and some of it is not exciting. Stolen seeing machines and the plot to take over the Kabin are a tad boring. 

Eileen tried to take control and help Nicola, following the news that her baby has a Windass as the daddy. I wish her luck here, but suspect Phelan will wreak his revenge on Gazza. 

More threats following sewing machine gate are juxtaposed with some much needed comedy; Liz trying new bar snack Wasabi nuts in the Rovers. 

Kate and Rana meet up and it is awkward. Particularly because in true soap style, they decide to talk about the kiss and the feelings behind it in the pub. Once family members arrive, a quietness descends on the two of them. 

Shona and David are in rom com land, going back and forth. Their heart to heart is interrupted by Tracy who has found a punishment for Amy, washing Roy's car. Shona thinks she should pay for the sins of her son. But, David has other ideas because of lovable and wise Max's views. I have always rooted for these two - keep them together. 

Kate takes her anger out on her brother. And swigs some more wine. Meanwhile, Nicola relies on Eileen for campassion and support. Eileen talks about being a single mum, and it reminds you how wise she is. Please let her wake up and smell the coffee about Phelan, then. 

Kathy and the blue paint non plot point is irritating. Brian, for me is beyond irritating, so I fail to muster any laughter at the replacements for Phoney M. 

Todd taps into the fact that Rana may not be quite what she says she is. Meanwhile Summer wants to team up The Cheeky Girls in a continuation of blue paint prank, the sequel. 

David and Max gaze at the stars. I love these two, and I know what's coming. Hiya Shona! Welcome back to the Platt family. In true kid plot style, Max claims to need help, to keep Shona as his step mum.

Zeedan decides now would be the right time to get married in a registry office and cue the Corrie theme tune. Most stories tonight were really good, but the sub plots suck. But these revalations will have repurcusions for some time to come. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Couple of the plots don't make sense. How does Nicola know she's pregnant with Gary's child so soon after the event? More to the point, why would she immediately confide in the birth father she's known only two minutes? Now Shona and David, good grief! This is not a kids movie where the wise eight year old(?) decides the family's future. He's a kid, David, what does Max know about life? The relationship could work if Clayton had died but he's very much alive and likely to seek out his mum when he's released. David wouldn't expose his children to that possibility.

Where's Emily?? said...

Phelan could kill off Cathy and Brian and nobody would notice. If Nicola is pregnant, maybe she's just saying that Gary is the father, maybe it's really the other guy she has dated. Hate the Shona/David thing. I've never known David to be the forgiving type, but this is a soap opera where anything can happen. Fer instance..mother of killer seeks out family and stands at murdered woman's grave...Who does this stuff? right..Shona. I like the idea of the kids being around though, makes it seem more like a normal street. Hated their singing/punishment.stupid..

abbyk said...

Time for Brian to get a head teacher job, somewhere else. And take Cathy. The singing was silly enough, but cocktails in Yasmeen’s house should have been a no no. Shona and David are acting like teenagers, all back and forth, not like the responsible parents that at least David is. It doesn’t work for me right now. It’s a weird night when Eileen and Tracy are the voices of reason.

Anonymous said...

What does Max know about like? You ask. He might not know a lot, but surely he knows his own feelings? If he knows he wants Shona in his life, then so be it. You can't deny Max his feelings. He's old enough to know what he wants

Maricha said...

You're relying on Max as a good judge of character?!? Max was ready to jump ship on his mother and David for Callum until he saw him be a thug with his own eyes.

Until they're twelve children aren't even asked for their opinion about which of their flesh and blood parents they prefer to live with after a divorce.

That's why David should think this over carefully. Will Max still like Shona if her presence leads Clayton to come over and harass him and his little sister?

Maricha said...

We've found the perfect people for Andy's scheme then:Brian and Cathy.

Anonymous said...

Anon never mentioned Max being a good judge of character. They mentioned feelings. That's different. That's what Max was talking about. How he felt about Shona

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