Friday, 2 September 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 2 Sep

Friday 2nd September
LEANNE COMES CLEAN Nick and Leanne discuss baby names. Nick admits so long as the baby calls him Daddy that’s all that matters. Leanne calls in the pub and tears a strip off Liz, telling her that she and Steve have come to an agreement and it’s none of her business. Liz calls a truce and offering Steve a hug, promises him the last thing she wants is to see he and Michelle split up. Steve’s relieved. As they prepare dinner, Nick confides in Leanne that his whole relationship with Carla was based on lies and he would never want to go through that again. Realising it’s time for complete honesty, Leanne steals herself and admits that her baby’s father is Steve McDonald!
CRAIG’S BIRTHDAY DREAMS ARE SHATTERED Beth, Chesney, Kirk and Sinead make a fuss of Craig as he opens his 18th birthday presents. Tim takes Craig to the Rovers for his first legal pint. Beth throws a birthday party at No.5 for Craig. As Craig opens his cards, he comes across a letter from the police and his face falls. He reveals his application has been refused on the grounds he failed to declare a relative’s criminal conviction.
JENNY’S EXPOSED IN THE FACTORY Aidan puts pressure on Johnny to resolve the situation with the factory girls and reveal who grassed them up but Johnny refuses. Having called a strike, the girls assemble outside. While Aidan tries to negotiate with them, Jenny slips inside. Alone in the factory, Jenny and Johnny kiss passionately. When Aidan offers the girls cakes and double time, they crack and agree to go back to work. As the girls troop in will they catch Johnny and Jenny in the act?

Friday 2nd September

NICK FACES A NIGHTMARE Leanne assures Nick that sleeping with Steve was a one off and a huge mistake which she deeply regrets. Nick struggles to take in the news. When Leanne admits she slept with Steve the night that Nick confessed his love for her, Nick’s furious. Leanne assures him Steve wants nothing to do with the baby. Nick’s not convinced, pointing out Steve could change his mind at any time. Leanne begs Nick to give her another chance, promising him that they can still be a family.  But is this a bridge too far for an angry Nick?
BETH’S WORLD FALLS APART With all eyes on her, Beth reveals that Craig’s dad has been in and out of prison all his life. Craig’s shocked. Beth admits to Craig she concealed the truth about his dad from him as it was she who shopped him to the police after his first offence and since then he’s spent most of his life behind bars. Craig’s devastated. Calling Beth a selfish liar, Craig storms out. Hoping for some sympathy, Beth looks to Kirk but she’s devastated when he tells her Craig’s right. Tim and Faye find Craig about to deface the chippy with an aerosol. Tim persuades Craig to come home with them.
GARY HELPS BETHANY TO FACE HER FEAR Lauren threatens Bethany in the school corridor but quickly retreats when the Head Teacher approaches. The Head asks Bethany to come with her. Bethany’s taken aback to find Gary in the Head’s office. Gary tells the Head that Lauren is a bully who’s been making Bethany’s life hell and they need to do something about it. As Gary drops Bethany at home, makings her promise to let him know if she receives any more abusive texts, Bethany’s touched by his kindness.
ELSEWHERE Sean and Izzy lay into Jenny, angry that she’s been having a fling with the boss and telling tales about her work mates. Johnny’s hurt when he overhears Kate, Aidan and Sean discussing his relationship with Jenny and suggesting she’s only after his money.

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Anonymous said...

just more of the same old, same old - everybody being nasty to everybody else. No humour, no joy, just misery.

Louby said...

I agree, Anon. They have even managed to make Craig miserable. I don't usually read the previews, but I'm glad I did, because I might just go and do something more worthwhile instead. Imagine what we could all do with an extra 2 1/2 hours a week! I don't know if I could totally give it up after all these years but the constant angst is not entertaining. Just the thought of Nick making that hurt face in tonight's episode puts me off!

Anonymous said...

Yet another person having their hopes of a decent career/education quashed. He'll be driving cab in no time.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Canada but I think that Weatherfield is meant to be in Manchester? So the message here seems to be that young people in Manchester are incapable of being educated, qualified, or ambitious people? Shameful message, really.

coconno196 said...

Poor lovely Craig. I wonder if the police won't accept him because his father is a criminal, or just because he concealed it? If he can prove that he didn't know about it, and that Beth has kept him well away from his father, could he join% the police after all? If not, let's hope he goes to art college and gets a decent job. Also no personality transplants like most of the others who dare to get an education - Todd, Amber, Ryan...

Anonymous said...

I didn't really understand the plot twist that made Craig turn from being an artist to a would-be cop. I assume it's either that the writers have a payoff in mind down the line, or they couldn't think of how to parlay Craig's artistic interests into a paying job. If it's the latter, I don't see why Craig can't be the first on the Street to create his own start-up. If, for example, he released a line of t-shirt silkscreen designs, it would be a great way to revisit Steve MacDonald's t-shirt business, but in a contemporary way and hopefully with a more successful outcome:)

Louby said...

I think Craig applying to the police is one of those "plot devices" where something is written into the script, just so something else can happen. In this case, the point is to introduce Craig's dad. Another example was the fight between Roy and Sharif over who got the allotment. After Cathy was introduced it was hardly mentioned again.

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