Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pretty Little Liars meets Coronation Street

Inspired by our blog posts where Desperate Housewives meets Coronation Street and The Sopranos, Street style, Corrie fan @RatchetCal on twitter got in touch to suggest we do a Pretty Little Liars and Corrie mash-up blog post.

And so, with thanks to and help from @RatchetCal here we go with Pretty Little Liars meets Coronation Street. 

Corrie's Tina McIntyre meets Alison DiLaurentis. 
Both were killed off.

Eva Price meets Hanna Marin.
Hannah and Eva share very similar fashion attitudes. In the words of Hanna Marin... she wears six inches or she wears nothing!

Charlotte DiLaurentis (formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis; born Charles Drake; alias CeCe Drake) is Hayley Cropper (formerly known as Hayley Patterson; born Harold Patterson). 
Transsexuals, both fond of a red coat.

Cilla Battersby-Brown is Mona Vanderwaal
Mona is very clever, she plots, schemes and gets away with everything. She lies to her friends and manipulates situations - much like Cilla used to do to her family.

Sally Webster is Veronica Hastings
They're both very mumsy, always looking out for their family, they would stop at nothing to ensure their families safety. And both are a bit of a social climbing snob.

Jonny Connor is Byron Montgomery
They're both like to be the boss and they're both total hypocrites

Kate Connor is Aria Montogomery 
Byron is Aria's dad, much like Johnny is Kate's dad. Both women have a bit of a tearaway hunky brother and they both have a bit of a party side too.

Sophie Webster is Spencer Hastings
Spencer and Sophie are both very caring and like to be organised, they're both very genuine people.

Emily Fields is Caz Hammond
Lesbians who are unlucky in love with failed career paths.

Thanks again to @RatchetCal

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