Thursday, 8 September 2016

Pics: Coronation Street cast the perfect family

There has been a lot of great response online to our blog post about how Corrie can cast the perfect characters so that they look like real-life families on screen.

And so, in addition to those we covered here, here are some more examples of perfect Corrie casting!

 Gary and Eddie Windass.

Jack Duckworth and Tyrone Dobbs. While not blood-related, Tyrone was more of a son to Jack than Terry ever was or will be.
 The Battersby-Brown brood of Cilla, Fiz and Chesney.

Amy and Tracy Barlow look very much alike, even if Amy channels grandma Blanche.

And St Ella of the Beige with daughter Leanne.

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Tvor said...

Blanche and Deirdre were probably the best match, especially as Deirdre got older.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing with Blanche was that the younger Blanche looked nothing like the older Blanche, even though it was the same actor.

Anonymous said...

Depends how far back you go - the original Blanche was a different actress.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Sophie.

Cobblestone said...

No it wasn't. It was Maggie Jones right from the start.

seashell bluez said...

The problem has always been the disparity in accents. People who live together as a family should probably all have the same regional accent. Corrie has often failed in that area.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily. My parents were born in Durham and moved to Manchester, where I was born, when they got married. I have a Mancunian accent whereas my mum and dad have Durham accents. They moved to Manchester in 1960 and people still ask what part of the North East they come from.

Peter said...

Actually Patricia Cutts played Blanche in her first two episodes, sadly Patricia took her own life and Blanche was recast with Maggie in the role.

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