Monday, 5 September 2016

Coronation Street's vicar and florist in hotel bust up

The path of true love isn't going to run smoothly for Coronation Street's Billy the vicar and Todd the florist.

What's on TV has a little interview with Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy and he say that Billy and Todd are set for a bust up.

It starts when Billy and Todd stay overnight in a hotel. Todd mentions he was worried that Billy wouldn’t be up for their night together because he thought he’d still be “under the Bishop’s petticoats”.  This really annoys Billy who asks Todd if that’s really how he thinks of him, if so then maybe Todd doesn’t know Billy after all! Todd storms out and says to Billy that he can pay for the room!”

What’s Billy’s reaction when Todd storms off?
“Billy is gutted and thinks he might have overreacted. He goes straight to Eva and tells her he thinks he may have just ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. Eva tells him to calm down and get on with it!”

What happens next?
“Todd calls round at the vicarage and apologises for storming off. Within seconds, Billy and Todd are back in each other’s arms and heading for the bedroom.”

Todd later says he wants to move into the vicarage – how does Billy feel about this?
“It’s not good because Billy knows the Bishop’s stance on him living with somebody is a no-go. He tells Todd that he can stay for a few nights but that’s where it ends. Todd doesn’t like that because he likes getting his own way. But Billy’s job has parameters and he has to stick to them. Apart from this, Billy also feels it’s too soon for them to start living together.”

Would Billy give up the church if Todd asked him to?
“Given time to think and weigh things up, and given the way Billy feels about Todd, then maybe he would consider it. Not because he is losing his religion, but more because of the views regarding gay relationships.”

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1 comment:

Maricha said...

I honestly wonder why Billy is even in a church that has the views it has about gays since he's decided to accept his sexual orientation and act on it.
If I were Todd I wouldn't agree to a semi-clandestine affair at all:their relationship not being public knowledge is what made it so easy for Billy to ditch Sean for Todd.

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