Monday, 5 September 2016

Beverley Callard reveals suicidal thoughts after breaking down

I have long admired Beverley Callard for being so open and honest about her mental health problems. Being open, and talking about, mental health makes it less of a stigma. Beverley is now an ambassador for the mental health charity Mind.

In an interview with a woman's magazine this week, she talks about her most recent bout of mental health problems which saw her taking time away from work at Coronation Street. And she reveals that she felt so bad that she was even having suicidal thoughts.

The actress, who plays Liz McDonald, “crashed” with severe clinical depression while on the famous Weatherfield set, and considered taking her own life at her lowest point. Bev had her illness under control until the company that made her medication stopped producing it.

After her breakdown she was signed off from her Coronation Street duties for two months, but thankfully was able to return after trying out some new experimental drugs.

She told a women’s magazine: “I don’t want anyone else to suffer in the way I did. Me, a person with endless energy, was suddenly suicidal and unable to get out of bed. Talking about your illness does help people who are suffering to know they are not alone.”

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