Wednesday, 2 March 2016

VIDEO: Online Q&A with David Neilson and Chris Gascoyne

Earlier today we blogged about an online Q&A with David Neilson and Chris Gascoyne who are currently starring in a production of Samuel Beckett's Endgame at Home in  Manchester.

People were asked to tweet their questions to @Home_MCR and append #AskEndgame to their tweets.

Not ones to miss out on such an opportunity, my fellow blogger Stevie and I (he has already seen the play, and I am counting the days until I do) put our questions to both actors, and were lucky to have them chosen for answering.

While I have never met David, I once interviewed Chris Gascoyne, and found him to be thoroughly charming, engaging, and a rather fascinating man. Aside from the excitement of having my own question answered, hearing Chris and David's thoughts on Beckett, acting and theatre throughout this Q&A was a delight. 

It's not every day that two actors who consistently leave you in awe perform what is one of your favourite plays by one of your most beloved playwrights, and so suffice to say I am very much looking forward to seeing the production.

While today's Q&A was broadcast live, the great news is, you can watch the video in full here.

The play runs until 12th March (with the exception of the 6th and 7th) and further details can be found on the Home website.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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1 comment:

Karen said...

Chris sounds so different from his Peter character. Great interview.

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