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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Top 25 Corrie Males countdown begins tomorrow

Tomorrow we begin our countdown to find out who you voted for as Coronation Street's all-time favourite top 25 men.

I've counted all the votes and it's been really fun to do.

There are two pairs of men who have received the same number of votes, so tomorrow we'll begin with No. 23. Just to warn you!

Hope you enjoy the countdown and do please leave comments with your views and opinions. It makes the countdown more interesting then.

Who do you think will top the poll?

by Llifon

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David the Wavid said...

Albert Tatlock better be at No.1! (A guy can dream)

Stephen said...

I don't demand that Kirkeh be at number one (I predict that it will be Steve McDonald), but if he and Curly Watts are not in there somewhere, there will be trouble!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Leonard Swindley.

Llifon said...

Kirk won't be as he wasn't in the top 25. He did receive a few votes though :)

Anonymous said...

Peter Barlow is tops in my books. So sexy.

- Pod

Louby said...

It was so hard to choose. I think Jack will be very near the top, if not at number one.

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