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Thursday 26 November 2015

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Males - No. 7


Duration: 1990-
Played by: Thomas Ormson; Jack P Shepherd
2012 character poll position (men): 12

Despite being born on Christmas Day, there’s nothing angelic about David Platt! The son of Gail and Martin spent the first decade of his life as a background character before the role was taken over by cheeky Jack P Shepherd who has matured into one of the soap’s current stars.

His mum’s marriage to Richard Hillman has affected him greatly as he has become an evil mastermind himself. Despite becoming a family man recently, his deviousness has come to the fore once again, albeit in desperation this time.

The boy with a rabbit called Barney has come a long way. And very dramatic as well! His evil deeds have included greeting cards to Gail supposedly from Richard; pushing Gail down the stairs; vandalising the street; sabotaging Sarah’s wedding; framing Gary Windass for burglary; and plotting to kill Nick.

His first girlfriend was Tina McIntyre but in 2011 he married Kylie Turner and has become a loving stepfather to her son Max and in 2013 their daughter Lily was born (although it was debated if Nick was the father!). 

He currently works as a junior stylist at Audrey’s salon. His wit and sarcasm makes him popular amongst viewers, especially when talking to his mum or grandmother.

Are you a fan of David? 

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C in Canada said...

It's interesting that he never calls Gail 'Mom', it's always 'Gail'!

Cobblestone said...

David works well because he is complex and riddled with contradictions. He has little respect for his mother, often treating her with sarcastic contempt (to be honest, dumbed-down contemporary Gail often invites it) but deep down he loves her and needs to know she's always there for him - remember how he fought tooth and nail for her when she was wrongly imprisoned? He was more passionate in her defense that even Nick. Also, he went to pieces after she cut him off, when his part in Nick's accident was revealed. I also think he's devoted to Audrey, who's always been there for him and told it pretty straight. Although she's just as often on the end of his sarky jokes, it has the feel of teasing about it and never the often cruel disrespect he reserves Gail. He's a devoted and sincere family man with his own kids, yet we always know that the potential to turn full psychopath lurks beneath his flippant exterior. I do think he's sadly lacking in a close friend since Graham left; Nick usually has to fill that void now, yet a best mate who is not one of the family would offer more scope (the way Kiley has Eva).

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you Cobblestone re. David not having any friends. It's too bad he wasn't closer with Andy and Luke as their stories would be more interesting if David was intertwined with them.

Initially I thought the pairing with Kylie was odd and forced but over time I have found their on screen chemistry to be amazing and I really hope the writers don't split them up (at least not on a long term basis) because their scenes together really work whether it's pure comedy or full on drama.

I think a lot of people feel that David is overused but without a doubt JPS is one of the best actors on Corrie, probably the best amongst the under 50 crowd. And to be frank, JPS has grown up to be a total babe.

Tvor said...

David was kind of mates with Gary for awhile but never that close. There aren't really a lot of younger twentysomething men that he would connect with aside from Gary. Zeedan is probably a little young, I'm guessing 18 or 19. Todd is a couple of years older (Jason turned 30 so Todd must be about 28 as he's a year or two older than Sarah).

Anonymous said...

C in Canada,I think the reason David calls his mother by her name is that he's aware that Nick the 'golden boy'is her favorite of her children.A prime example of this is when Gail who gleefully was going to tell David that Kylie cheated on him at Christmastime a few years ago until she found out that Kylie slept with Nick and kept quiet!
It's a shame that the writers never developed a friendship between the two young fathers,Tyrone and David as I think they both could use a good friend right now.

Unknown said...

I have a big luv, for JPS. I can't add anything more to the great comments you all have made, other than, dude makes me giggle like a girl, with the majority of his dialogue!

Samantha from Canada said...

I personally love David. He is probably my favourite male character on the show.

I'd love to see more "good David" tho.


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