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Sunday 29 November 2015

In Praise of Eva Price

I have been loving Catherine Tyldesley's performances as Eva Price recently. She is such a breath of fresh air and having her back has made me realise how much I've missed both the character and the actress.

Eva is without a doubt the best thing to come out of the Price family. Do you remember the rest of them? Eva provides great comic relief and is the kind of character that fits in all over the street. She is great in the factory with the rest of the girls, she fits in well behind the bar of the Rovers bantering with the punters, she is a reliable if unlikely friend to Kylie and a terrific support to half sister Leanne.

Indeed Catherine's recent scenes with Jane Danson have been superb. Given how much Eva and Leanne disliked each other when they first met, it's lovely to see these characters bond over their difficult lives. I have found Leanne and Simon hard to watch during this recent storyline but Eva's return and direct involvement has added a very welcome extra dimension. Her support and care for Leanne has been fantastic to watch.

Of course Eva's love life is often at the centre of her storylines. I really liked her with Jason Grimshaw and it's a shame that won't happen now that actor Ryan Thomas is leaving. New factory boss Aidan Connor has been sniffing round and although if I was Eva I'd jump in feet first (as it were), I get the feeling he's a love 'em and leave 'em type of man so perhaps she's better off steering well clear of him. 

I love seeing Eva behind the bar of the Rovers. I know comparisons have been made with the classic Rovers barmaid Raquel. This is probably unfair to both Catherine Tyldesley and Sarah Lancashire. Raquel is an iconic character, one of Corrie's best ever and played by a fabulous actress who has gone on to great success since leaving Weatherfield behind. While there are similarities between Raquel and Eva I think Eva has enough strengths for her to stand out on her own as a great Corrie woman.

I'm glad the powers that be had faith in the character and kept Eva on after the rest of her family departed. Catherine Tyldesley has really come into her own over the past year and long may she continue to brighten up our trips to Weatherfield. 

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Tvor said...

I really like Eva, too. She's daft and cheerful, but she's also strong and loyal and she's down to earth.

Unknown said...

Love Eva

Humpty Dumpty said...

Eva's great and very comedic. Rather than have her settle with a new man, I'd like to see her have a string of hopeless one-offs. Watching her cope with an infatuated drip of a date in the Rovers could be fun. It wouldn't hurt to have a bit of sitcom in Corrie for light relief. A modern take on the Liver Birds or Birds of a Feather.

Anonymous said...

Bring back –†eter Kay as Eric the Draymen for a night of comedy in a restaurant with Eva :)

Anonymous said...

I love the sister bond with Eva and Leeanne and her friendships with Kylie and David while Kylie was away.
After reading that apparently he does set his sights on Sarah,I agree that Eva should steer clear of Aidan even though his sister Kate likes her and wishes they would be a couple.Usally Aidan has bad taste in women hence him suddenly fancying Sarah.
Robert seems like a nice bloke and too good for Tracy,perhaps him and Eva?

Cobblestone said...

And that laugh! I love that laugh! It makes our entire family roar with laughter every time she does it.
I also love her relationship with Leanne. There's an old saw that drama is conflict, but with strong characterisation, it can be as satisfying seeing people support and be there for each other - Roy & Carla, for instance. Or Todd, who is much better being devious in support of his family rather than scheming motivelessly against them.

abbyk said...

Eva is lovely and her humor is laid on just right, not a thick coat of slap like Mary. I'd like her to be happy but other than soon to be unavailable Jason, there aren't many age and intellect (not too much, please) appropriate available man on the street. No, not Aidan. He's her boss, that's wrong enough, plus he's mooning over her at work, totally immature. And we don't need anymore Connor screen time. Maybe a technician at the medical center, or Luke, who doesn't really gel with Maria. Bonus: extra Eva and Steph scenes, the two fun & happy pretty young things.

Anonymous said...

Eva reminds me a bit of Raquel Watts.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the character of Eva but I sadly feel that she will eventually be forgotten and only because the writers just don't give her enough to do in order to leave her mark.

John McE said...

Eva is an absolute joy to watch, and brightens up every scene she is in. If she stays in the programme long enough, I would love to see her owning The Rovers - she is very much in the Bette Lynch mould - brassy, and a bit catty, yet still vulnerable.

I know Jason will only be in the show for a few more months, but I'd love to see the pair of them get together again, as they were such a perfect match.

Anonymous said...

Eva and Gary? Why not? He can have her at any time, right? :)

Stephen said...

I couldn't agree more with this article. Eva strikes just the right balance between toughness and vulnerability, in a programme where, otherwise, we have some tiresome, one-dimensional characters (Tracy Luv, for starters!).


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