Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Video: Tony Warren receives award at Salford Media Festival

Coronation Street creator Tony Warren received an award at the Salford International Media Festival last night. Tony was announced as the winner of the Nations and Regions Media Conference Achievement Award at this year’s Salford International Media Festival.

Judges of the award say Coronation Street helped establish Manchester and Salford’s place in British culture and played a big part in the success of Granada Television, now ITV Granada.

Warren, now 79, created Coronation Street 55 years ago. After clips of its early years were shown, he joked that he had been "haunted by those characters" for 50 years.

After being presented with the conference's inaugural achievement award trophy, he said the character that haunts him the most is Ena Sharples.

"I'm left wondering just what Ena would have made of this. She'd say, 'Oh yes, yes, very nice, very nice. One more ornament to dust. Not much dusting done in your house anyway.' "

He then went on to say about his award: "It puts me in mind of one thing and one thing only. I bet it's not occurred to you but it's occurred to me. This could be the last monument you see before the actual gravestone."

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