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Sunday 29 November 2015

Corrie weekly awards for Nov. 23 - 27

Life of the Party award: "Bren Bren" apparently bores for England.

A Woman of all trades award: Now that's what we like to see...a woman (Erica) that knows how to use the business end of a drill!

You're new here award: Robert thinks his clashes with his own father, they getting on each other's nerves is anything at all similar to all the loss and tragedy Simon's had in his short life.

Pathetic Loser award: Jamie.

Sacrifice award: Steph called Jamie's bluff. He did it. But Luke is free from the blackmail *and* she had Jamie arrested!

Cat out of the bag award: Leanne finally admited what Simon's been doing and Luke finally admitted that Jamie was blackmailing him over Steph's photos.

San Weatherfield Fault award: I think Robert's discovering a very major fault under the foundations of what he thought was a reformed Tracy. (See the winning line of the week)

New View! We don't usually see Dev's living room from this angle, with the fireplace wall in the scene. The camera is usually shooting towards the couch from that wall.

Black or White award: In Tracy's world, things really are black or white. No shades of grey there. No compromise.

Soap cliche: Steph intended on lying to Andy about what's going on. Lies, lies and damned lies, they're a soap staple but they don't half wear me out.

Lines of the week: 

Winner: Robert to Tracy "Get out, you poisonous little bitch!" (OH!!!)
Tracy about Simon "I'm not having him shouting at my daughter. That's my job"
Tracy "Oh quick, Amy, go get your violin cause my heart's breaking here"
Mary about Dev "He's a charming if slightly delusional shopkeeper, not a serial killer"
Mary to Dev "I don't think Erica wants your hand upstairs or anywhere else, for that matter"
Ken to Tracy "When it comes to bad behaviour, I hardly think you can sit in judgement"
Gary "I'm swearing off women" (yeah, right)
Ken to Tracy "Amy runs rings round you. When she's not running rings round me"
Norris to Mary "You're like a walking Mills and Boon"
Leanne to Tracy "When it comes to self defence, you're a pro" and "I've been with Robert all day and he'd rather boil his own head than spend another second with you"
Mary to Norris "Reign in your rudeness, sweet cheeks"

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Anonymous said...

Bleeding Heart Broken Record Award: The constant tragedy of poor ickle Simon.

You're Such a Bad Person Award: Rob, for trying to find common ground in support of Simon during a difficult time. What a terrible man.

Cobblestone said...

We've been commenting all week on the radical new camera angles. It's not just Dev's house, but Fiz & Tyrone's, the left hand side of the Rovers (the old snug side) and several other locations. I like it; it breaks that theatrical sense of a box-set that shooting from the same wall creates.

Anonymous said...

Lies, lies and damned lies, they're a soap staple but they don't half wear me out.

Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way; they just seem to induce frustration in the viewer, and then OF COURSE the secret comes out. Stupid little lies just seem to hinder plots; they shouldn't BE the plot unless it's something massive, like Callum's body under the annexe.

Rachel said...

Musical ambience award: I wasn't expecting that in the Rovers when Mary found out Brendan had a wife.

Anonymous said...

Personality switch...since when did Emily become so judgemental about Mary?

Anonymous said...

Re the new camera angles, it was very noticeable in Eileen's house.


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