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Thursday 19 November 2015

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Males - No. 12


Duration: 2008-2011
Played by: Craig Gazey
2012 character poll position (men): 4

Originally introduced as a cellmate of David Platt, he quickly became a hit with viewers and soon enough was lodging with the Platts. 

He was employed as a junior to Ashley Peacock in the butchers’ shop until Ashley’s death in 2010. He later followed a long line of Corrie favourites by becoming the local window cleaner. 

After failing to woo both Rosie Webster and Natasha Blakeman, he unexpectedly found love with Tina McIntyre, who was grieving after her father’s death. The relationship didn’t go down well with David who was Tina’s ex. But the relationship hit a snag when Tina introduced her friend Xin Chiang. Xin wanted to stay in the country but could only do so if she got married. Graeme and Xin had a sham wedding but they turned out to be in true love and both left the street, much to Tina’s heartbreak. But she quickly got over it when she caught the eye of Tommy Duckworth. And thus another love affair began…

Graeme also enjoyed annoying Norris – either by having the upper hand in an argument or becoming Emily’s lodger.

He was mainly a comedy character with moments including imitating Fred Elliott, dressing up as Liz McDonald and punching Steve McDonald.

Any Graeme fans out there? Would you like him to make a comeback?

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David the Wavid said...

Definitely a stand out among the modern crew but his one big storyline was dreadful. For me he was more 'could have been great' than 'was great', and certainly doesn't deserve such a high placing.

C in Canada said...

I thought Graeme was brilliant. But his exit storyline was abysmal to put it lightly. Completely contrived and hardly believable...worsened by the poor acting by 'Xin'. It's too bad he left the show, he had staying power.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Liked him but they gave him too many silly storylines.

Anonymous said...

I quite liked him but as other posters said his exit storyline was awful.

abbyk said...

He was at his best when he was David's friend, a role that's gone empty for too long. Would like if he came back with his cheery attitude, a new unexpected career, and a Xin shaped hole.

Anonymous said...

One of my all-time faves, but they ruined him when they put him with Tina, and his exit was one of the worst storylines of all time; I'd put it down there with the Frankie and Jamie Baldwin romance or the Alex/Ryan debacle.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree - think the "Xin" storyline will go down as one of the worst in Corrie history.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what kind of contrived tale they would spin to bring Graeme back to the street. There's a problem with a show like Corrie (and EastEnders too) when a character suddenly comes back after years away. Unless they have a concrete reason, be it a family crisis or something, it always comes off as contrived. From what I remember of the Graeme character, he would have well and truly moved on in his life, with no need to look back.

Tommy Duckworth on the other hand...maybe Kate Oates could see it in her heart to overlook Chris Fountain's past misdeed, and it is in the past.

Cobblestone said...

I think it depends on the nature of the character's remaining contacts in the Street. I don't think there would be anything particularly contrived about Graham looking up his old friend David on returning to his home city of Manchester following a split with Xin. All they would then need would be some sort of opportunity opening up that would make it worth his while to stick around.

maggie muggins said...

Graeme is one of my faves too. Craig Gazey played him as so warm, despite his quirkiness. He could make a great long-term Corrie character if he wanted to. He could be a good friend for David, but I think he'd be better off away from His Evilness most of the time. He does need better storylines though.

Anonymous said...

Overused - he was a peripheral, comedy character at best (and a good one) but for a while he became one of the centre points of the show.


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