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Sunday 22 November 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for Nov. 16 - 20

Payback is a *#*&CH award: Liz got the pub back and then tore Tony to pieces.

Appropriate crockery award: Michael handing Tony a mug that says "cheer up, it might never happen"

Matchmaker award: Sally seems to be intent on pushing Sophie in Kate's direction.

Lassie award: Eccles knows there's someone trapped down the hole at Platt Towers.

Pushy award: Sally overdid herself, getting in Kate's face about wedding planning.

Bee in the bonnet: What's got up Aidan's backside? He's awfully tetchy with Kate, especially.

Oil and Water award: Kate and Aidan really do seem to rub each other the wrong way.

Holiday mismatch: Billy and Sean have very different ideas on what makes an ideal holiday. Isle of Mull vs. Isle of Ibiza. Scotland. Spain. Isolation and seclusion. Crowds, beaches and clubbing. I know which one I'd pick. What about you? (But they did find a good compromise in the end)

Fashion misstatement: Ken? Jeans? I don't think he wore them even in the 60s did he?

Blast from the Past award: Sophie mentioned Bill Webster in a round about way, using an expression her granddad used to use.

Musical Ambiance: Crazy by Patsy Cline playing when Michelle confronted Liz about Tony's proposal

Lines of the Week:
Erica "I'm not one to throw stones, not with the amount of glass houses I've lived in"
Kirk "It's a 24 hour clock so there's all that to deal with, too!"
Sophie about Luke "He's had a face like a yard of gravy all day"
Liz "Double cross me, that's one thing. But come after my family? Oh it's time for you to duck and cover, pal. So then I thought, what would Tracy do?" (And everyone cheered!)
Carla "this is a knicker factory, not the Moulin Rouge"
Johnny to Carla in the Bistro "You've got a tab here?" Nick "It's more like a pamphlet!"
Caz to Kirk "Does it get a bit much, surrounded by women all day?" Kirk "Not really, I'm used to working with dogs. " (but he means the kennels his parents owned, of course!)
Nick "Tracy, get lost" Eva "Yeah, shouldn't you be in your coffin?" (i.e. vampires sleep in the daytime, it wasn't a death wish. Maybe)
Tracy to Tony "I'm not the one that ripped your heart out and stomped on it in a pair of high heels" (didn't she just!)
Todd to Jason "Trust me. Revenge isn't all it's cracked up to be" (and you would know, sunshine)
Michelle "I'm married to Steve. Stupid's a way of life"
Aidan to Kate "Threatening to tape up Sally's gob with parcel tape?!" Johnny "It's not like nobody's ever thought of it before."
Beth about boys and girls "It's his job to try it, and your job to deny it"
Leanne about Tracy's about face "What's that? You replace her with a robot?"

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Anonymous said...

Line of the week:

Tracy to Departing Tony: Try not to pine for me Tony.

Tony, in reply: Try not to kill anyone.


Anonymous said...

Michelle "I'm married to Steve. Stupid's a way of life"

This is not a line of the week - this is yet another example of how abusive Michelle is towards Steve (who isn't even around to defend himself). Perhaps this character (and who knows, even the actor underneath) might have a stronger and brighter outlook on life if he wasn't being put down so publicly, so often.

Anonymous said...

I also didn't find Michelle's line about Steve funny or a 'line of the week' and if a male character said that about a female there would be an uproar about it.
It's obvious that Michelle doesn't love Steve but his status as owner of the Rovers and Streetcars and I hope the new producer gets rid of this wretched character.

Louby said...

I've been contemplating the point of Michelle recently, and come to the conclusion that she only exists for other characters to tell things to. And for folding her arms of course. Apart from marrying Steve, when was the last time she did anything of note?


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