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Thursday 26 November 2015

Coronation Street Weds 25th November episode review

"You got hurt and I'm sorry. That's why you're doing this. This is revenge, isn't it? You're trying to get one back on Alya"
"I'm doing it to put food on the table"
Hello! It's just Jordan again with another Wednesday review.

In tonight's episode, Gary returned from his anger-fuelled expedition to Germany to see his dad after he and Alya split suddenly. Alya is desperate to avoid him but this is soapland, so of course bad timing is the law of the land. When they notice each other, Gary simply marches straight past and goes into the café to see Anna, who is more than pleased to see her son home safely after his unannounced departure. He expects to be able to continue as a partner at V Court Fitness, but the Nazirs are totally against it, childishly calling his assumption 'revenge' on Alya. But Dev rides to the rescue and points out that he has signed a legally binding contract so therefore, he is still a partner- quite rightly, too.

Over at the Barlows, Tracy is keen to spend the evening with Robert but he is blasé towards her. Tracy crossed the line with her cruel, uncaring comments about Leanne's parenting skills and Simon's emotional issues. She is angry that Simon hit Amy and  when Leanne calls round to apologise, she simply dismisses it and asks her what she intends to do about the issue. Not a minute before, she had claimed that she is a single mother (is she?) and Amy doesn't hit her. Leanne has been to the doctors for advice on Simon .The doctor puts her in touch with a therapist and Leanne has to convince Simon to visit her. While working together at the Bistro, a caring Robert listens to Leanne's news. Unfortunately, the Wicked Witch of Weatherfield is sitting on the other side of the bar as she is desperate to spend time with Robert. She's jealous of the support Robert is providing to Leanne throughout her latest ordeal and just can't resist putting her two pence in. However, after a spectacular dismissal from her own boyfriend, which Leanne couldn't resist smirking at, I'm sure she wishes she had the power to turn back time.

"Shouldn't you be at home restraining that thug of a son of yours? Forget therapy Leanne, he should be wearing a tag"
"Right. Enough. You, out"
"You heard. Get out, you poisonous little bitch!"

After Monday's race-car drama and the revelation of Jamie's blackmail threats, Steph is still reeling. She agrees to meet Jamie in his car for a confrontational chat. She voices her feelings of disbelief at the man she once loved has become and yet he will not budge. Despite showing some remorse, Jamie shows no signs of retracting his threats, even when Luke spots them together and starts to become violent, telling him to 'save his energy' for the next race.

"I can't believe you've still got those pictures, never mind threatening me"
"Desperate men do desperate things"

Elsewhere, at number 7, Dev has invited Erica over for dinner after Erica's telly has gone on the blink and she's had to look at a psychedelically blue Holly Willoughby. That's dinner on a tray watching a horror film. How romantic. It's possible that Erica has misread the signals but all is well after a jokey argument concerning this and Dev's supposed narcissism.

"You're always reading into things. You know, a shrink, he might think  that it's you who fancies me"
"It's you who fancies you"
"Well, someone's got to, right?"

Oh, and giddy Mary had a very giggly chat with Brendan and criticised his biscuit-buying habits:
"How strange. I was just thinking of you and the phone rang.
Coincidence- or is it something more mysterious? Why are you calling? Oh I'm just getting some flowers. But I'm not paying for them. I'm going to take them to Dev's and put them in some water. What about you? Biscuits? Well, I don't know what sort biscuits you should get. Garibaldis?! Oh no, you don't want to get those. They're like cardboard with little bits of dead flies!"

A good episode which moved forward three storylines and had a few comic moments. I personally cannot wait to see the aftermath of Robert's outburst at Tracy. Watch out, Robert. Keep any ornaments out of her reach!

Thanks for reading!

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Louby said...

Perfectly timed smirk from Leanne at the end, brilliant. What on earth was Dev doing with his eyes while he was talking to Mary?! I did like the scene with Erica, her comment about him having more lotions in the bathroom cabinet seemed to hit a nerve!

John McE said...

Quite right too"?!!!

Gary was only given a share of the gym because he was marrying Alya, no other reason.

Tvor said...

A contract is a contract unless the contract stated it was a wedding gift which then might be a loophole. Otherwise, Gary could make a legal case for it if they tried to back down.

I cheered when Robert called Tracy a poisonous bitch!!! Really didn't expect that!

C in Canda said...

Robert seems like such a decent bloke - not sure what the heck he sees in Toxic Tracy in the least. There's not one redeemable character about her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Whatever the reason Phelan reappears, I'm beginning to think he's going to be Tracy's next partner-in-crime. She and Robert will split and it sounds like Rob will be giving her problems, too. Tracy only survives if she has a man to back her up. What a couple from hell they would be.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Gary's side this time as he did sign a legal document in good faith and perhaps the Nazirs will have to honour the agreement.If the share in the gym was meant to be a wedding present than Sharif should've waited until after Alya and Gary were married.
Speaking of Alya,it's typical she makes it about her accusing Gary of 'revenge'even though she knew he already signed the papers when she decided she had to confess about her one night stand with Jason so she would 'feel better'instead of moving on as Sinead advised her to do.

Hopeful said...

Don't think it's right Gary keeps his share. It was a wedding gift and he knew that. I think it's beyond nerve for him and he's taking advantage of the family.

Anonymous said...

Really surprised that some people think it's quite right that Gary keep his share in the gym! To all the people out there who think this: please explain on what grounds his right is based other than the fact that he has a contract?

Clearly the gift was given because Gary was marrying Alya. Since Gary (not Alya) broke off the wedding, Gary should return the gift. No different then if a woman is given an expensive engagement ring, then breaks off the engagement. She doesn't keep the ring, for heaven's sake! Why Gary should get to keep something that he has not earned and has no moral title to is beyond me.

Beth said...

In the scene just after Erica arrives, they talk about the candle and food,she's taking her coat of.... did my ears deceive me or did Dev call Erica, Claire?


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