Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Males - No. 13


Duration: 1974-1983, 1987
Played by: Geoffrey Hughes
2012 character poll position (men): 16

An old cellmate of Jed Stone who came to lodge with Minnie Caldwell in Christmas 1974.

A cheeky but lovable Scouser, Eddie was reminiscent of Jed with his dodgy dealings and mild criminality. Originally written out after going to jail, he was back on the street trying to redeem himself. He won the Ogdens around and became their on/off lodger before installing himself permanently in 1980.

He found regular employment as a bin-man or a ‘refuse collector’ as he called it just to sound impressive. 

His Liverpudlian charm and his way with words worked wonders with many being conned to buy dodgy and second-hand goods. For example Mavis bought a watch from him that immediately stopped working and Annie Walker bought a carpet with the initials AW on it, only to find out it was from the Alhambra Weatherfield bingo hall! But his lasting legacy was the ‘muriel’ he installed for the Ogdens in 1976. At first it was the Alps, but after Stan caused a flood they changed it for the Canadian Rockies. 

In 1982, he met Marion Willis and tried to impress her by pretending to own Mike Baldwin’s posh flat. But Marion was glad that he was a downtrodden bin-man as at least they were of the same class. Eddie proposed in 1983 and they had a shotgun wedding as Marion was pregnant. Stan and Hilda stood as proud substitute parents.

Eddie and Marion left for Bury during the Ogdens’ ruby anniversary party. Their daughter Dawn was born in 1984. Eddie made a brief return in 1987 to visit Hilda in hospital. In reality, Geoffrey Hughes wanted one last chance to act with Jean Alexander.

Were you a fan of Eddie?

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Stephen said...

Eddie was a fun, sweet-hearted character, in the same way as the great Steve MacDonald is nowadays. There's little or no chance of seeing him back in the Street now, but it would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

I think the actor has died Steрhen, sorry to say :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, he died in real life in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey Hughes made a great "Onslow" too, in "Keeping UP Appearances".

Anonymous said...

I also loved Eddie a bit of a rough diamond but had a good heart. My husband (not a Corrie fan)loved him as Onslow!

Anonymous said...

I found him suitably, simultaneously irritating and funny as Vernon Scripps in "Heartbeat"

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