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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Claire King reveals all about Erica and Dev

This week in Coronation Street we'll see Dev offer Erica a job in the shop when Sophie goes to work for dad Kev in the garage.  And according to the spoilers for next week's Corrie, Dev will offer Erica somewhere to live when he suggests she moves into the flat above the shop.

So, does this mean romance will follow after Dev offers Erica a job and a home?  There's a good interview with Claire King, who plays Erica Holroyd in Coronation Street, in this week's Inside Soap magazine.

Claire says that Dev will be flirting up a storm with Erica, but while she's grateful for the job and the flat, Erica will keep Dev at arm's length.  "Erica enjoys his company," Claire says. "Because he's charming and quite amusing. But she keeps him at arm's length. She's told everyone she doesn't want a relationship right now and she means it. Don't worry, Erica can handle Dev!"

However, she might have to tread more carefully with Mary, who gets jealous when she spots Dev chatting up Erica.

Claire says: "Patti Clare, who plays Mary, is so funny and this is where the Corrie writers come to the fore - they write their women strong with such comedic flare.  When it comes to Mary and Erica, they have a proper heart-to-heart about Dev in the end and they become friends."

She also reveals that she still feels like "the new girl" at Coronation Street.  "I think it's because I'm not settled into a family. I'm like a pinball - I am bouncing off lots of different people.  They are still trying Erica out with various characters to see where she might slot in."

I'm a big Erica fan and I wonder if this rumour about Erica and Kev is true?

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Anonymous said...

Nice interview. I am not a fan of Erica though - she just doesn't work for me.
And I think that last line says it all "They are still trying Erica out with various characters to see where she might slot in". That is very evident to the viewers - she has been there a year and they still haven't got a clue what to do with her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sounds like the writers are giving Erica a re-write. I thought she was living with her mother who was more or less dependent on her. Here we go again with another professional woman who loses all ambition once she moves on to the Street. Her looks and demeanour suggest a successful businesswoman in PR, property sales etc. Never in a million years, however desperate, would she work in a corner shop.

Zagg said...

I say, write her out. She is just not needed on the street and indeed does feel like they are "just fitting her it" wherever they can to satisfy a contract. Her and Dev? He needs a wife and a mother to his children. And she is far from the mothering type. She says they write the women strong? I disagree. They make the women on this show seem stupid. They can't manage birth control, they can't be single for 5 minutes or they go bonkers from the stresses in life or a relationship. New writers please.

Anonymous said...


njblas said...

Erica with Dev or Kevin seems even less credible than her taking a job in the corner shop. I could see Kevin with Anna however - Sally would be really peeved:)

Anonymous said...

Eric and Dev are both surplus to need on the Street right now so it makes sense to put them both together. Perhaps they can bore each other to death and we'll be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Easily the most pointless character on the show for me and to be honest, I'm getting sick of TPTB trying her out with characters especially when they bizarrely act like she is Angelina Jolie. No doubt Dev will be the next one to question why such an incredible woman is single. And of course he'll be portrayed as 'not good enough' for her.

No disrespect but Erica is hardly a catch. The woman doesn't actually do anything so why characters act like she is inspirational is beyond me.
Even Carla tried to convince Nick that he'd struck gold with Erica. Her whole "I am nothing in comparison to Erica" attitude was confusing to this viewer and in the end all Nick could come up with was something like "There's only one thing wrong with Erica - she's not you." Only one thing wrong with her? Wow. She's practically perfect then.

Seems like she has to be praised by every character on the street and that's supposed to be enough to convince viewers.
Well I don't find it that easy to ignore the fact that she is an arguably average looking woman in her 50's hanging around like a spare part.

I also don't believe Claire King is right for a two-dimensional role like this.

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