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Saturday 14 November 2015

Corrie weekly update - sleeping like the dead in a granny flat

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Gail returns from Milan and is over the moon with her new granny flat, which she insists be called her annexe.  She loves it to death but of course doesn’t realise there’s a decomposing body under her bed and she sleeps like the dead in her new bedroom.  She’s so pleased with her new granny flat, annexe, that she decides to throw a party and invite the neighbours in to see it. “We’ve lived in the shadow of Sally’s conservatory for far too long!” she announces to David and Kylie, who are less than enthusiastic about having the Street’s residents rummage around the granny flat, annexe.  Gail overhears David and Kylie talking about the man in the manhole but only catches the words ‘Kylie’ and ‘prison’ and demands to know what’s going on. David lies and tells his mum that Kylie’ back on drugs as a way to explain her odd and furtive behaviour.

Also back on the Street this week are Sally and Tim, returned from honeymoon and back at work.  Sally meets Jonny Connor for the first time at Underworld and he takes an instant dislike to Sally’s timbre and tone. “It’s her voice, it grates!” he tells Carla before suggesting they demote her from supervisor in the office to big fish in the sewing pool.  Carla agrees in a heart beat. Jonny tells Sally it’s not a demotion, it’s a promotion as they want her to be the Connors’ eyes and ears on the shop floor. Sally simpers and smiles and takes it all in her stride, none of which rang true for this Corrie fan.

Erica starts work in the corner shop and Dev shows her the tools of the trade, starting with the pricing gun. She tries to keep Dev at arms length for now as the shopkeeper fawns over his shopgirl but when she announces she’s moved out of her mum’s place, he offers her the flat above the shop and she accepts.
Tracy finds out that Ken and Nessa are an item, and she’s not best pleased. She reckons it’s too soon after Deirdre’s death (it is) and that Ken shouldn’t be cavorting with another woman just yet (he shouldn’t).  Tracy tells Nessa in no uncertain terms what she thinks about her, calling her “a hearse-chasing old slapper”.  Ken seeks solace with Rita and Emily, but if he was expecting support from his old friends, he was in for a shock. While Rita told him to take happiness where he finds it, at his age and all, she is rather surprised he’s moved on so quickly after Deirdre’s death.  Emily is more blunt and Ken goes home to think on what they’ve said. He decides to end things with Nessa until Robert has a word with him, telling Ken it doesn’t matter what other people say, he should follow his own head and heart in matters of happiness.  Ken does a U-turn and decides he will date Nessa after all. Audrey’s not best pleased when she finds out.

Elsewhere this week, Amy walks into the Rovers back room to find grandma Liz snogging builder Tony.  She breaks the news to Tracy and Michelle who storm round to see Liz and tell her she needs her head examining, only to find Tony already there, appearing to do the same thing, starting with Liz’s lips.  Yup, Liz and Tony are at it again, but is Liz playing Tony along to get Steve’s share of the Rovers back or is Tony playing Liz for a fool?  To prove to Liz he really is sorry for breaking her heart, he clears out Barlow’s Buys bank account to get back at Tracy and tells her he wants out of the business.  Meanwhile, Steve has taken himself off to Spain to stay with twin brother Andy.

Simon returned this week after spending time with Peter but his time away from Leanne hasn’t done him much good. He’s worse than ever but his sullen and nasty behaviour masks a hurt little boy that I have much empathy with and sympathy for. Leanne is at her wits end with Simon, she really doesn’t know how to cope and needs help, but from whom?

And finally this week, the star of the show has been Amy Barlow channeling grandma Blanche to perfection. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Tvor said...

My favourite thing of the week was Amy, after everyone dumped on Tony and Liz and left the room, when she looked up at Tony and asks "Can I have some money?" Brilliant! And I did buy Sally backing down in the end. Because, let's face it, she got Johnny to agree that it was a promotion and could see a pay rise in the offing. Result!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if Sally's 'promotion'was Carla's revenge for Sally gossiping about Carla starting the fire which killed Maddie and Kal.
As for Ken,I'm disappointed that he would take Robert's advice about Nessa over his friends despite the fact only a few months ago he was disgusted with catching Robert and Tracy in a clutch the day of Deirdre's funeral,accusing them of disrespecting her memory when he's doing the same thing sleeping with a woman he just met a few months after Deirdre's death.

Tvor said...

I think Ken took Robert's advice because that's what he wanted to hear and he found someone to justify it.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Deirdre is dead and Ken has never been the type of man who can be on his own means he should do whatever brings him comfort. He's not a young man. He doesn't have a whole lot going on in his life in general. Latching on to another woman seems like a perfectly Ken thing to do, and since this is 2015 and not the Victoria Era, I'm confident there is not prescribed period of mourning.

Cobblestone said...

I agree, Tvor, that there is no advice more compelling than that we want to hear.
As for Ken & Nessa, (Anon 18:47), 'canoodling' right after a funeral is one thing, being caught with - shock! Horror! - a strange woman drinking tea at your table with her hand on your wrist - for as far as I can see, that's as physical as it's become to date - that's not quite the same thing. So far it's been about companionship, a balm to his loneliness, and I find that very understandable. I also absolutely understand Tracy's fear; there's every chance it will develop into something more, especially given that Ken is Ken. But as to how appropriate it is, the greatest truth was spoken by Emily, even if she was making a snippy point by it - everyone's experience of bereavement is different. Mourning is for the living, not the dead; it's all about how we cope with grief, and in that sense everyone truly is different.
On Sally's backing down, that's where I thought it was heading, but it didn't in the end: no pay rise was mentioned so she walked away looking like a foolish dupe. That was the perfect time to go in with a demand for a rise and instead they portrayed her as vain & silly, I'm afraid.


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