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Thursday 26 November 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday 26 November

"Now get out me way, and give mum your order!"

I rather like the return of bad lad Gary. Remember when the Windasses were "the most feared family in Weatherfield", when they ruined Joe McIntyre's life, got David sent to borstal, didn't pay their council tax bill (probably)? Then Eddie started making cakes, Anna turned into a drudge and Gary became a sap. But now the badass Windass is back: staking his claim in the gym, threatening Jason ("If I wanted to fight you, you'd be in hospital now, not ordering a ham roll!")  and smirking as Jason messes up his mate-date with Eva when his jealousy rears up again.

The theme of the episode seemed to be romantic triangle troubles: Gary, Jason and Eva/Alya; Brendan, Mary and Brendan's auntie with the gastric troubles; Jamie, Andy and Steph; and Robert, Leanne and Tracy.

Also entertaining is Robert's development into a real character, instead of a lapdog with a stash of Just For Men in his bathroom cabinet. It's a good move to have him interact with characters other than Tracy, Ken and Eccles, and the current conflict caused by Robert's burgeoning friendships with Leanne and Simon is more interesting to me than whether he becomes the next Mr Battersby.

Tracy and Carla have a temporary truce, so Ms Barlow needs a new enemy. Tracyluv has turned her attention away from Leanne's parenting skills (in any case, Amy is less interested in Simon's apology than garlic bread in the pizzeria), and towards Leanne's perceived interest in Robert.

However, Tracy may have got away with murder, but remember when the Battersbys were the most hated family on the street? I think Leanne can handle herself against Tracy's threats. In the meantime, Tracy is driving Robert away with her petulance, rudeness and jealousy, although it's hard to know what Robert is referring to when he says: "After all I've given up for you". He can't mean Sarah Harding, can he?

Eva and Jason, in happier times
Onto our next threesome: the young folks. Whilst I've enjoyed seeing more of the fabulous Steph and the lovely (G)Andy, I'll be glad when this storyline runs its course. Surely all Luke needs to do is lose a few races, then evil Jamie, with his Hollyoaks hair and his blackmailing ways, would hit it and quit, but no, Luke's gotta race! It's like a 50s B-movie, or a scene from Grease.

Tonight, Steph tried to call Jamie's bluff by telling him to publish and be damned: "No more race money, Luke and Andy free to batter you, everyone thinking you're a total sleaze." Unfortunately, Jamie appeared to take her up on it. It feels like more could have been done in the storyline to explore the false notion that women are responsible if their ex-boyfriends take revenge in this way. Whilst Luke does tell the blameless Steph that it's not her her fault, Andy asks "How could you?" - as if dastardly Jamie wouldn't have found some other way to persuade Luke to race.

Finally, after some confusion as to whether Santa lives in Lapland or Liverpool, Tyrone comes home with festive items to turn number nine into a Christmas wonderland. I do hope that we'll meet Beth's mum's Poundland boyfriend one day.

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Anonymous said...

Well tried Rachael, you tried to make one of the most boring and irritating eрisode's in Corrie history seem almost watchable - Рerrie Balthazar has much to answer for after writing this drivel!

Anonymous said...

what was dev going on about in the shoр? he seemed to be looking in a men's magazine and saying to mary 'they're not real, surely?' - what is this soaр turning into??

Anonymous said...

also Norris commenting on KK's backside?? crazy!

Anonymous said...

welcome to Misery Street and dribble. Every episode I look forward more and more to the new producer starting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can turn this show around back to something worth watching.

Zagg said...

I did not like the Windass clan when they moved to the street. Eventually, Eddie became the only saving grace, at least for some comic relief and then he left. Now I dislike them even more. Gary and Anna are really crappy people. They have treated people badly and somehow have this sense of entitlement. Faye needs a better family. Gary and Anna need to go.


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