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Sunday 22 November 2015

My Current Corrie Highs and Lows

I haven't done this in quite a while and I always find it quite a therapeutic experience so here goes...

Let's start off with some positives - the things I'm really enjoying in Coronation Street at the moment.

After worrying a lot about the Ken and Audrey storyline I've actually quite taken to the idea. To a certain extent I buy into Stuart Blackburn's notion that widowed men move on and find new partners quite quickly following the loss of a loved one. It does seem soon after the death of Deirdre but of course perhaps my judgement is skewed because we lost Anne Kirkbride in real life too. Apart from Ken and Audrey living cheek by jowl for decades without the slightest hint of an interest, I think a companionship storyline could work well if done properly.

Another thing I've changed my mind on is the character of Erica. For a long time I just couldn't see the point of her and I didn't buy the relationship with Nick at all. Recent scenes with Dev and particularly with Liz have changed my opinion. Liz needs a friend around her own age and Erica fits well. The two actresses obviously get on and there is good chemistry between the pair so I'm glad Erica is sticking around. I still think Nessa would be better behind the Corner Shop counter mind you...

I must also praise the Nazir family. I wasn't sure of them for a long while, but Alya's recent grimness aside, I've warmed to them. Sharif is still my least favourite of the bunch but I think Yasmeen, Alya and Zeedan have really come into their own following the demise of Kal. I didn't like Kal at all so perhaps this has something to do with it. Shelley King has really done well as Yasmeen and I'd like to see the softer side of Zeedan more often - his scenes with Leanne were superb.

Believe it or not, I actually quite like the new Connors. I think Kate in particular has the potential for a great Corrie character. She's fresh, sparky and full of life. Let's hope life in Weatherfield doesn't trample too much on these excellent qualities. She has also struck up a lovely friendship with Kirk which is surprising but rather touching. Johnny Connor fits into the classic Mike Baldwin mode and I like Richard Hawley's work so far. I've said before that I'm also a fan of Shayne Ward as Aidan (and not just because of those lovely tight shirts he always seems to be wearing). I know it feels like another deluge of characters but so far, so good.

I have also loved seeing Eva Price return to our screens. Catherine Tyldesley is an absolute joy and her relationship with half sister Leanne is both real and touching. It has added an extra dimension to the simmering Simon storyline and it's great to see Eva support her sister in this way.

Finally, I must say how much I've enjoyed the recent scenes featuring Craig and his new girlfriend Caitlin. Colson Smith is such a fantastic young actor and I love that he's had a lot more screen time this year. It's nice to see him get a girlfriend and for the Street to show a responsible young couple for a change. They are a pairing I will always root for.

Now, for the lows. As always, Corrie can't please me all the time and there are a few niggles for me to share.

To begin, I am heartily sick of all the drama at the Platt house. They have dominated our screens for the entire year and I think the powers that be are in danger of wearing these characters out. The Callum saga was dreadful and it shows no signs of coming to an end even now he's dead. I just couldn't give a monkeys what happens to them all. Bringing Sarah and Bethany back hasn't worked for me either. I really do think all these characters need to be rested in the Corrie Cupboard for a while but I don't see that happening.

I'm sorry to say this but I also don't think the latest misery to befall Tyrone and Fiz is working either. I will always have a soft spot for Tyrone - Alan Halsall plays him superbly and I can't imagine Corrie without him. I have totally gone off Fiz though. She's such a nagging, annoying piece of work these days, meddling in everyone's business. I don't like the Hope storyline and despite the serious nature of it all, I just don't believe in it. 

Another thing I have a problem with is Tracy Barlow. What happened to all that remorse she felt for causing the deaths of Kal and Maddie and allowing Carla to carry all that guilt? Hadn't Robert persuaded her to turn over a new leaf? Hadn't the loss of Deirdre made Tracy see life differently? No, apparently that storyline has hit the floor like a pair of Underworld knickers with a dodgy gusset. Tracy is back in full spiteful nasty b*tch mode and the whole act is wearing thin. If even the death of her own mother can't change her then clearly the character is beyond salvation and it's time for her to toddle off. 

And now for some minor grumbles... 

Why does Anna Windass have to be such a shrew all the time? She's nasty and mean spirited. Who's idea was it to put Carla with Nick? In reality she'd have chewed him up and spat him out a long time ago. Sophie Webster as a business woman, strutting about that garage forecourt? Sigh. And I don't get Sean and Billy the vicar at all. Finally, can someone explain the point of the following characters: Izzy, Todd, Norris, Andy, Sinead and Chesney? Just what do they add?

I think that's enough to be going on with! On the whole, I do think Corrie is in a better state at present than it has been in quite some time. I may live to eat my words though...

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Unknown said...

Totally agree with most of what you said....except about Andy. I love Andy!!

Gayle said...

Absolutely loved your blog. Agree with you 100%. In particular I feel the same way as you do about Fizz and Anna. Anna can be such a nasty B****! I also feel bringing back Sara and Bethany was a grave mistake. What does Bethany add to the show in my humble opinion absolutely nothing. All she does is hang around her family and roll her eyes. She doesn't appear to have any kind of a life or friends. Why wouldn't she take the job at Dev's? I also agree about Izzy why does she still hang around Anna's? I'm hoping the new producer gets rid of some of the dead wood in the cast.

Anonymous said...

I like Sinead and Chesney right now.They have been a great support to Tyrone and Fiz during Hope's illness and Sinead has become a confidant and friend to Alya during her crisie.
I don't see the point of Cathy,Nessa and Alex [sorry]though.Like Andy,and Izzy,I think they are characters who the writers don't know what to do with but keep them on anyway because they're linked to Roy and Ken.Frankly I would find Ken moving on from Deirdre easier to accept if he was with Audrey rather than Nessa.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with much of what you say. The exceptions being, for one, the Nazir family who simply don't work for me. They ought to be Audrey's neighbours, and that would give us a whole new set of stories. If they want to soften Yasmeen, give her a softer hairstyle. It worked for Carla. Erica is still a fish out of water. No way, however broke the gal was, would she work in a corner shop. She'd be off to an agency doing exhibition work or selling some prestigious product. The new members of the Connor clan, like the Nazirs, don't do it for me as a group either. Kate is good with Kirk, I agree, and Corrie excels at these odd friendships. Keep her in the factory but let her decide to give her family a wide berth.

Where I most strongly agree with you, Graeme, is with Tracy and Fiz. Btw, it goes without saying that the Platts should vanish for a couple of years. Fiz is such an unpleasant character that unfortunately it's hard to care about her daughter. It might have been better to give that storyline to Kevin and baby Jack. Re: Tracy, the writers evidently thought there was no mileage in giving her a more complex personality. We're back with the panto Evil Queen and it's wearing terribly thin.

Tvor said...

Agree with much of this but I do like the Platt drama. It dragged on terribly while Paula lane was on maternity leave but now she's back, it's good again. I like Tyrone and fiz but Don't like this sad storyline. I, too, like the new Connors and I adore Eva. It's the Simon and Leanne storyline that's starting to wear on me now. Erica could be a good character, I hope they start doing more with her. I'd like to see the garage thing giving Sophie a meaning for her life, it might seem a bit of a stretch but it's better than how things had been going for her, which is nowhere.

I like the Nazirs as well, and Yasmeen has always been my favourite. Zeedan has finally come into his own as well. thank you writers. don't see the point of Izzy either unless they put her back with Gary.

Yep, also agree on Carla and Nick. I keep thinking she'll be bored with him sooner than later even though she does deserve a nice fella for a change. And Tracy, well, we did see her back down and be rather civil to Leanne the other night so perhaps there is still a glimmer of change for the better. I don't think Tracy will ever turn herself around completely. Leopards don't change their spots. She's too selfish. Rob was the best man for her, he accepted her completely but I don't think Robert's going to be too happy when she starts sniping and bitching again even if he says he knows her well and loves her anyway. I think he's got an idealized version of her in his head and figures he can change her. That never works.

Unknown said...

Agree with most things apart from Carla and Nick. I think they make an excellent couple. Both well-off businesspeople and there IS chemistry. Also, I like Anna and Andy.

abbyk said...

I agree with a lot of what you've said, Graeme, except for the new Connors. Nope, not working for me. Aidan or Jonnie, don't care, but not both; too much management for a small business. Aidan mooning over Eva is just as immature as Kate's workplace outbursts -- we don't need more children trapped in adult bodies. And Jonnie isn't old enough to be stuck
In 1960s stereotypes.

As for the Platts, I love seeing David and Kylie but hate when characters are dumbed down (Gail and Sally) and when reality is bent beyond recognition (why didn't they call the po po and say it was an accident, that she tried to stop Callum when he was killing Sarah). That we all cheered when Liz actually called a lawyer says how far from the truth most stories stray.

Don't like that Roy and Ken have new ladies. Roy is such a one off that he would have been more interesting with new friends, hobbies and maybe mentoring a young person. Ken, I'm with Rita and Tracy, it's too soon. If arts lover Martha came back, and it started as theatre outings that filled the other hole in your soul, maybe, but not ditzy Nessa.

Anonymous said...

I am also one of those who is buying into the Carla and Nick relationship. They may have different personalities but have a lot in common and that is far more believable than a lot of pairings on this Street.

It is very tragic that only a few characters seems to hog the screen when there are plenty of others to choose from. And next we are to have the Sarah pregnancy story line which no doubt will make the Platts center stage for far too long.

I have to agree that I am not buying the Sean and Billy pairing. Billy seems to be a very well-rounded person who is calm and quiet... and leagues away from the two-dimensional (sulk/party) Sean. The fact that at his age and being in a good relationship Sean still prefers the idea of spending all night in the club says a lot about how shallow his emotional pool is. I am just not buying the whole "opposites attract" baloney in this case.

Llifon said...

I like the Connors at the moment and it's great to see Carla have a lighter side.

Ruth owen said...

Sorry Graeme but the new Connors really do not work for me. Their acting, yes all 3 seems wooden and Johnny is a poor man's Mike Baldwin.

I DO like Anna. She is so good to Faye and did her best with baby Miley.

I like Izzy too and always resist the notion that everyone should be coupled up.

Loving Erica too and her kindness to Mary. And friendship with Liz.

I will miss Tony - great character.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post Graeme, even though like some others I have a different take on some characters.

To me, Anna has an unpleasant habit of "speaking her mind" in a way that is insulting to others and often inexcusably crude - and that is the closest I can come to a good quality.

Fiz, on the other hand, has found my soft spot along with Beth even both of these ladies are "mind speakers" too. The difference is kindness - Beth's is sporadic, and funny rather than sentimental, while Fiz's is constant but sometimes overbearing and managing.

These two ladies return fire when they feel someone is being treated unfairly (not necessarily themselves). Neither one of them is just simply mean for giggles - and Anna is.


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