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Monday 30 November 2015

Coronation street episode review, Monday 30 Nov

Young Max is not happy about his one line - ‘I’m sorry but there’s no room.’ It is a crucial one though. Ironically, there was room for his dad at The Platts’ residence. Speaking of which, Sarah returns home and appears upbeat and cheerful. David is confused. She tells him, ‘You told me to pull myself together, so I pulled myself together.’ It could be an act and David seems keen to prove that it is. He forces her into Gail’s annexe.

‘The thing is Sarah, you were the weak link and you still are and you’re never going to be able to deal with the fact that he is under that floor.’ Judging from her expression, David is not far wrong.

Behind the bar in The Rovers, as Aidan chats her up, it would be hard to guess that she had any problems at all. Gail notices her newly returned daughter and Aidan and says, ‘ You’re not letting the grass grow are you? Anyway, he’s an improvement on Callum.’

Out on the cobbles Eileen and Michael are having an altercation. Michael is angry with her for not waking him up. Eileen tells him that another ten minutes won’t make any difference, because Brenda will be hanging around hoping not to arrive home before her husband has left for work – an enlightening comment on the state of the marriage. Gail is inly too pleased to witness the argument and smugly asks, ‘Is everything alright?’

Sally goes over to Gail in the pub and tells her that she saw Eileen and Michael arguing. She asks Gail, ‘Don’t you think it’s about time you let go of Michael? You might come across a bit…’ Before Sally can finish Gail says, ‘Kevin. That’s all I’m saying.’

Michael falls asleep in the cab office and Tim, waking him up asks, ‘Who’s this Dee then?’ Eileen takes it upon herself to field Dee’s calls but she manages to get through on his mobile. Michael, Eileen needs her pelmet doing!

Sophie is enjoying bossing the men around but has no interest in a discussion with her mother about what to eat at Christmas. This is perfectly understandable given that it is but months since Maddie’s tragic death. But – it was hard not to notice the appreciative glance Sophie had for Kate. Surely something is going to happen there.

Michelle is not thrilled with having Aidan as a houseguest and when he appears wrapped in just a towel, she tells him that he could have the flat at Streetcars. He turns down her offer on the grounds that Steve told him it was a dump. Later she offers it to Johnny who is in a B&B but is suffering with a bad back from the bed there. They go to have a look and find that Aidan is also there having changed his mind. Carla conducts a game of paper stone and scissors, which Johnny wins. I have to say that I found this difficult to watch and though the Connors may be growing on some people, I’m afraid, I could well do without them. I’m not sure what they add.

Craig is reading about Banksy and Caitlin, who smells smoky, of Cedarwood, tells him he could be as good as Banksy. Craig suggests they watch something at his house. One of the highlights of tonight’s episode, was the revelation that Beth would speak the lyrics of Take a Chance on Me by Abba to her young son. Craig only twigged when he was older.

Their plan to be alone is foiled by Faye, who had spotted them earlier. A bit of the green monster maybe…?

David is under discussion between Sarah and Kylie. Kylie says he is worried about Sarah, but Sarah knows him better than that. ‘Kylie! Wake up! He’s worried about me in terms of how it affects him. It’s always only about David! He will sell anyone down the river – you know it.’

By Ruth Owen

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Anonymous said...

it really was a nothing episode - just more of the same, except for Sarah coming home unfortunately. Blah, Blah,Blah

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah is as capable as David even more so to sell anyone down the river to get what she wants and save her own skin.She did frame David by planting drugs in the salon to steal his job in Milan out of spite and if Kylie is not careful, Sarah would do the same to her to destroy David's marriage by telling anyone who'll listen that Kylie murdered Callum.I haven't forgotten how Sarah used Kylie's phone to lure Callum to the Platts and I think that will come into play down the road.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there only one episode tonight? Not a double episode review?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I thought I had missed an episode as well !

Ruth owen said...

Yes, sadly, just the one episode tonight. Something to do with people in a jungle somewhere.

maggie muggins said...

Yea, that was a rather nowhere episode, wasn't it. Since when did Faye have a thing for Craig? Watching Sarah-Louise flirt with Aidan - another female who can't be single for literally five minutes! Sophie's sudden 360 degree turnaround into a business fashion maven all of sudden is a bit over the top. Perhaps if she'd incorporated some of her old style at first, I'd be more inclined to believe the New Sophie. Anyway, she's running a garage, not a Porche sales shop.

Argh, I think I'm a bit grumpy cause Winter's coming.

Martin Rosen said...

Sophie is really important now. She has her own clipboard ;-)

Anonymous said...

She may have her own clipboard, but she also has a whole new wardrobe, high heels & new hairdo to go along with that clipboard. Amazing how she transformed herself from lowly shop girl to business woman of the year literally overnight.

Tvor said...

I wonder if Faye is worried she'll lose her only friend if Craig gets a girlfriend. He might not have time for her anymore.

Anonymous said...

I thought eileen and michael's arguments were certainly at full рace - which may have confused some рeoрle - but i thought the general gist was that he's doing all 'Dee's' odd jobs and not helрing eileen at all and is tired all the time. Has he even exрlained to anyone who dee is and why he feels he must helр her? guilt i suррose

Cobblestone said...

That's right. I was never more struck by the age gap between them as when Craig opened the door to let Faye in. He was her rock last year and she must sense him moving away from her. She can be jealous without it entailing 'those' sorts of feelings.

maggie muggins said...

"She can be jealous without it entailing 'those' sorts of feelings."
- Cobblestone

Yes, now that I think about it, that's more like it. She's afraid of losing a friend and ally. Best she was honest about it, but this is soap-land.


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