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Saturday 28 November 2015

State of the Street - November

I like to put the spotlight on some of the storylines that made an impression on me during a month, good or bad. This month, I've had a bit of a rant about Ken and Nessa, well...mostly about Nessa, a grasping and selfish woman. Would Ken have thrown himself into a new relationship so soon after Deirdre's death if Nessa hadn't thrown herself at him and presented herself on a plate? I think not.

I'm very glad Simon is getting the help he needs even if it does look like it's going to be an uphill battle with the boy. I hope Zeedan continues to be a big brother figure, Simon needs that. I'm not so sure he needs yet another father figure which may or may not be Robert. Tracy's attitude might push Robert right into Leanne's arms and that might not be so good for Simon in the long run if it's yet another doomed relationship. I'd like to see Leanne refuse to take anything more from Robert  other than friendship. He can still be a support for Simon without warming her bed.

The story with Jamie blackmailing Luke was fairly brief, brought in to add a bit of drama around Maria's exit but focussing on a very modern issue. I didn't mind the storyline and I really liked the way Steph handled things when she found out. She was upset, yes, but with support, she stood up and looked Jamie in the eye and had him arrested. The actor playing Jamie was great, suitably icky and creepy and played very well. Tisha Merry was top notch and I liked seeing more of the brother-sister relationship between Steph and Luke.

All this and more on this month's State of the Street.

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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Rapunzel said...

Tvor, does your dislike of the Ken/Nessa coupling mean that the story line is wrong or, in fact, that it is working as intended?

A few commentators have already observed that grieving widows (it's typically men) often jump into a new relationship way too soon - to cope with their loneliness and grief, perhaps. The women to whom they reach out may or may not be opportunistic, but they usually cop plenty of flak nevertheless.

Your reaction (and mine too), that it is too soon and somewhat unseemly, could simply encapsulate the feelings of those closest to them. Icky yes, but still realistic.

Tvor said...

Good question. I don't like it because she's grasping and opportunistic. I expect it's probably leading to a Ken Audrey pairing in the end which I wouldn't mind, nor would have minded quite so much as they were friends first and Audrey wasn't seen as relentlessly pursuing a man in the first stages of grief. I've seen men that met women or already knew someone but the friendship seemed to spark a mutual attraction. This didn't seem mutual, it felt like maneater vs. victim. Maybe that's a bit harsh, but you get my drift.

Even if it had been Audrey straight away, yes, it feels a bit soon but if it felt right to Ken, I would have been like Emily. Not my business to judge. Everyone's grief is handled differently. I would also take the consideration of any children on board, mind you. Tracy is obviously upset so it would give me second thoughts. I couldn't do something that would hurt my child who was also grieving, not that soon after the death at least.

Rapunzel said...

I agree Tvor. Although rather than a man-eater, I see poor desperate Nessa setting herself up to be the woman men rebound off, but never settle down with. She and Ken won't last for long. And it will probably mean that when he and Audrey do make a go of it, we'll no longer be repelled by the "it's too soon" jitters. Quite a clever segue really. And at least it means Ken and Audrey will be given decent storylines for the foreseeable.


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