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Saturday 28 November 2015

The Narla conundrum on Coronation Street

One of the best things about the Coronation Street Blog is sharing and reading the varied views of Corrie fans.  Our youngest blogger Michael yesterday wrote a post about the next generation of Coronation Street fans.  It's caused quite a stir here on the blog and on twitter. Here, a fan of Narla replies.

Post written by Deena who is on Twitter @QueenAliKingx 

"This is my response to the article that was written yesterday about the next generation of Corrie fans.

OK, for starters everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to have that. I started watching Coronation Street in 2010 because at that point in my life, I was only 10 years old, but that does not mean that younger Corrie viewers have no idea about the past of Coronation Street. I happen to know when it was started and I also happen to know a lot of the past characters including the legends which were Jack and Vera.

As the article yesterday stated, you couldn't compare Nick and Carla to them which I 100% agree with but that does not mean we cannot ship them.

Thank heavens for Urban Dictionary! (Flaming Nora, editor)
The term "Narla" which is used as the ship name is used with all of their fans, not just 13 year olds off Instagram. I infact ship Narla, they have to be my favourite couple in Coronation Street but that isn't saying that I don't remember any of the other couples. As many people who follow my twitter know, I am a huge Ali King fan, I have loved her for years and yes, I have gone back and watched all her scenes from 2006 (when she joined) onwards but I have also watched a lot previous to that aswell.

Obviously some fans which have only started watching the show recently may not know the history behind it but some of, even though we may only be younger does not mean we haven't researched or gotten to know the background of it.

I was here for the tram crash, Liam's death, Jack and Vera's death, all of that, but funnily enough I wasn't here for the whole Richard Hillman days but I do know what he did, I do know a lot of the previous characters as I have elderly family members who have watched the show all their lives. Just because I was born in 1999 and being 16 years old doesn't mean that I am any less aware of the past.

Whether you're 10, 15, 25 or 125, you are entitled to have your own opinion on your favourite characters, favourite couples and so on. As I said previously, my favourites are Nick and Carla but yours may be some other like Liam and Carla or Jack and Vera or even Ken and Deirdre. Each to their own."

Thankyou, Deena. @QueenAliKingx

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Unknown said...

All because of Michael's post and my role play comment haha

Martyn said...

"Thank heavens for Urban Dictionary! " had me in stitches!

Dolly Tubb said...

@Martyn, totally agree! By 'eck I feel old!

Anonymous said...

I am older and I'm afraid all the fan terms go over my head.
I commented on the other post because it seemed like a group of fans had been singled out by the blogger who said that he hated their collective use of the name "Narla", and went on to say that he hopes young fans 'begin' to respect the past of Coronation Street.

I think it's a little unfair to say that and actually, it's very important for the FUTURE of Coronation Street that fans embrace new stories, relationships etc.

Anonymous said...

why 'Narla'? if you were a true fan of carla nad nick then why not call them 'click?' :) JohnH

Tvor said...

Well said, Deena! Thanks for posting this!

Unknown said...

Ik we have, we will win!!!

Lily Bigfield said...

It is wonderful to see people of all ages contributing to the blog. I know about 'shipping' from other fandoms but I hadn't realised it had become part of Corrie. That was an illuminating article, thank you.

Glenda Young said...

Er... Michael and Joseph.. I will not have a war here on the Blog! Seriously, no wars. We're all fans of the same show, however we express it. :-)


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