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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Apostrophe Alert on Coronation Street

I'm a little confused, so bear with.  And f you can help solve this mystery, please do.

When Kevin Webster changed the name of the garage to Websters' Auto Centre, the apostrophe in the word Webster had a storyline of its own. It was Sally who pointed out that Kevin had the apostrophe in the wrong place after Kevin had the sign done up as Webster's Autos.  Sally pointed out that as more than one Webster owned the place, it should be Websters' Autos, and she was right.

Now then, I'm not totally sure who owns the garage now - is it split three ways between Kevin, Tyrone and Sophie?  Well, whoever owns it needs to sort out its branding and decide on what they're doing with the apostrophe.

In the episode shown on Friday 20 November, the branding we saw on Sophie's computer screen in the garage is in the picture below. The apostrophe denotes that only one Webster owns the garage.

And here's a publicity picture from a later episode showing a flyer with the apostrophe in a different place. This denotes that more than one Webster owns the garage.

And just for confusion's sake, here are two pictures of the garage sign itself. The first one was taken on our press visit to the new set back in November 2013 and the second one taken by our blogger Michael on his visit to the new set earlier this year.

November 2013

Anyone know what's going on?  Time to call in Norris and the Apostrophe Protection Society!

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Tvor said...

I would imagine that Kevin has reverted it to a single Webster owner. I think he mentioned in passing that Sophie's partnership is with the "new business" under the viaduct and that they would include doing auto body work. So perhaps the viaduct bit is Webster and Daughter or.. Websters' where the main garage is probably is still Kevin and Tyrone's only.

Anonymous said...

First World Problem

Anonymous said...

Too true, Anonymous. Never mind those refugees and terrorists...

OvenMaster said...

I'm curious as to what "Boxer Services" are. Can't find anything about it anywhere. Ideas?

Anonymous said...

boxer services and lubricants no less, oh err missus! :)

Anonymous said...

I have always found that Corrie publicists play fast and loose with grammar. Perhaps the movable apostrophe has more to do with haphazardness than it does with ownership.

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