Sunday, 29 November 2015

First-look pic: Rob Donovan returns to Coronation Street

Rob Donovan will set the cat amongst the pigeons once more on Coronation Street when he starts calling the shots from his prison cell!

As this exclusive picture shows, Marc Baylis will reprise his role as murderer Rob Donovan from Friday 4th December when viewers will see him in prison.

Rob will send a number of visiting orders to some of our favourite Weatherfield residents, a year after he got sent down for Tina McIntyre’s murder, after being arrested on his wedding day to Tracy Barlow.

Rob’s reappearance spells trouble and it soon becomes clear that he holds the key to a huge Connor family secret, one that he could use to his advantage.

What is Rob’s end game and could it throw a spanner in the works for Tracy and Robert’s relationship, just as it looks like Tracy’s put her past with Rob to bed and is moving on with her life!

Marc Baylis said: “Rob’s had a lot of time to think about things over the last year and ponder why he ended up where he is. He’s got a sternness to him, he’s a bit colder than he was before. Rob’s of the attitude that if he’s having it so hard for the foreseeable future then why should everyone else have it so easy. He feels that he’s been hard done by and he just wants a little bit of payback.”

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Rapunzel said...

I'm looking forward to his return, but am nervous too. Rob was a complex character. Distinct shades of light and darkness, with his demons getting the better of him in the end. I also really liked the way the Tracy/Rob relationship developed, with us seeing a more softer, vulnerable side to Tracy (well, for about 5 minutes, anyway!)

I only hope he doesn't return as a pantomime villain, with no redeeming features. I'm old enough to remember when that happened with Terry Duckworth. And to some extent they did it with Jim McDonald, last time he featured. Whenever they do that, it not only debases the characters but also insults the intelligence of us, the audience.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I am intrigued as to how he can manipulate Tracy. I suppose he could persuade her to receive stolen goods in the shop, and then shop her to the police?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Robert doesn't know the 'real' truth about Tracy murdering Charlie Stubbs...that he believes she did it in self defence, but Rob knows the truth. Rob..Robert - it's already confusing.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Rob again, really like him.

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