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Monday 16 November 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 16 November 2015

The once rational, competent, good friend and mother, Liz, is under fire tonight and rightly so. Her friend Erica, her friend Eileen and her daughter in law, Michelle, who claims she is closer to Liz than she is to her own mother, are all horrified concerning Liz’s renewing of her relationship with Tony.  It seems, that as regards Tony, she loses all sense.  Attractive man though he may be, Liz can’t seem to compute that this is the same man who robbed her blind and had an affair with the one woman in Weatherfield who she detests. The women are on her case. The theme of their comments is, ‘You must be mad.’ Each woman has her own form of words.

When Liz says she thinks people are viewing her decision as a mistake, Erica says, ‘A mistake?’ They think you’re off your head!’  Michelle, holding up her index finger and thumb with little distance between them says, ‘I’m this far from having her certified.’ When Jason learns from his dad, Tony, that he and Liz are back together, he says, ‘She’s only just taken your photo off the dartboard.’ Michelle asks Liz what hold Tony has over her. She says that two things are certain if Liz goes ahead with restarting her relationship with Tony. ‘We can’t stick around here. You’ve already driven Steve away. Do you want to make it permanent?’ Liz reminds Michelle she said two things. ‘Yeah,’ replies Michelle. I’ll lose a best friend.’

So far then, no support, no joy, not even a comment suggesting that Tony may have learnt his lesson. And yet Liz appears undeterred saying that sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do. Eileen appeals to her through her affection for Steve. ‘I love Steve and this is going to hurt him badly.’ Liz asks Eileen about all the racists and nutters who she’s had through her bedroom. Erica asks Liz if she thinks Tony is worth all this condemnation.

In Roy’s Rolls Mary asks Michelle if she has the Monday Blues. She asks Eva too. Mary mentions a little ditty she learnt at Sunday School, to which comment Eva replies, that you don’t hear about Sunday school anymore. Mary launches into her song, whose lyrics, should anyone need to cheer themselves up on a Monday in future, are printed below:-

               Jesus takes that frown
              Then turn it upside down
              Then woops! Here comes the smile!

Tony arrives at The Rovers to tell Liz that he has given back the half of the pub that he took. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Just at that moment Michelle comes and is suitably horrified to witness the proposal. ‘What is your problem?’ she yells, then adds, ‘If you think you’re getting a wedding present from us, you can think again. We’ll be out of here as soon as we can.’ Michelle goes into the bar and informs those  present that, ‘He’s down on one knee!’ exclaims Michelle. Tracy gets wind of this. ‘So he’s proposed to Old Ma River!’ she squawks and sings Here Comes the Bride.

And then comes the revelation. All this time, Liz has been playing everyone along. She had no intention of restarting anything with Tony. She was playacting to get all the money back.  And she has done so. She says that she often felt sick when she was with Tony and didn’t want to breathe the same air as he did.

You fooled us all Liz!

Looks like Nessa has her feet under the table or at least her influence in the wardrobe. She is holding Ken’s arm as they walk along, Nessa telling Leanne, who has much more grave problems on her mind, that she has bought Ken new jeans -jeans that Ken is pleased with and finds surprisingly ‘roomy’ (!) She then tells Leanne that once you start wearing elasticated waists you have given up.  She also tells Leanne that Ken’s trousers looked as though they were bought from the back of a Sunday supplement. Ken does seem to be enjoying the attention.

There are two women at the centre of tonight’s episodes.  One is Liz and the other Leanne.  Simon has poured out rudeness and venom ever since his return from his father’s and he was pretty bad before he left. Undoubtedly Simon has suffered. But none of what has happened to him has been Leanne’s fault. In fact, she has been the one constant in his life, with some input from Ken.

Simon needs routine, Leanne tells him, and of he goes to school. But he didn’t get there. He has ‘wagged’ it and got a group of his pals round to play computer games. When Leanne turns up, the boys leave and one boy looks very sorry and apologises to Leanne. Simon goes to school but is two hours late coming home, no doubt the lateness designed to upset Leanne.

Eva is a good support to Leanne and when she sees Leanne crying she asks her what is wrong. Leanne tells Eva that Simon is abusing her. Leanne makes excuses for him.  Leanne tells Eva, ‘You sound like a battered wife.’ Come on Zeedan! Leanne needs you. It is certain that if she asked him, Zeedan would be there. I hope she does. Her final words on the subject are, ‘He’s out of control, Eva.’

Elsewhere Kate Connor’s soldier girlfriend turns up and Kate covers for Kirk, which made me like her a bit more. Steph’s ex is still hanging round trying to persuade Luke to race.  (This all feels a bit déjà vu). Once more he threatens to post ‘all the snapshots ‘ he took of Steph online if Luke chickens out.

Steph obviously deserves better than this and she also needs a good storyline to give Tisha Merry the opportunity to display her considerable acting talent.

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Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw that these episodes were penned by the marvellous Damon I knew we were onto some winners. Excellent!- Micky

Tvor said...

What a fantastic pair of episodes. Liz's revenge was spot on and
Bev Callard knocked it out of the park!

Llifon said...

I remember Ken went through a jeans phase with Denise!

Anonymous said...

Although Liz has the worst taste in men, I had no doubt she had an ulterior motive in getting back together with Tony. However, good on her to go through with it all.

This business with Leanne is already tiring. I never bought their mommy/son relationship from the beginning, as it seemed insane that Leanne would win sole custody of a kid she really had nothing to do with. Grandparents anyone? Simon is now just in need of a severe smack around the ears. She needs to call in back up and fill that person in on exactly what has been going on. It's not like Eva is in a position to do anything beyond listening.

PoidaPete said...

I had a feeling I knew what Liz was doing... I could not have been happier! I was nice to see her standing up for her family and yes, though she played dirty technically, it was nothing less than Tony deserved. She should be very proud of herself.

It's nice to see Leanne being able to finally fully confide in something, so glad Eva is back. Their bond grows stronger and stronger. It amazes me sometimes to think that the Simon we see today is the same little kid we were all giggling over just a few short years ago at how adorable he was and such a scene-stealer. Alex Bain is doing a fantastic job of now inverting his role of lil' cutie to monster. I hope they take the storyline down the path of him going to anger management classes to help him deal with it, it'd be interesting to see that from a child's perspective as it's vastly different to David when he was younger.

All I can say about the Ken/Nessa.Audrey storyline is "HURRY UP AUDREY AND TELL KEN HOW YOU FEEL!" I'm not a fan of Nessa to be honest, I think she's an annoying pest.

I really like the friendship developing between Kate and Kirk, they make a good pairing. Cza seems lovely and I really enjoyed the dinner party, all the quips, jokes and banter at the table had me laughing and it's writing like that that is Corrie at it's best!!

abbyk said...

"Miss MacDonald, I would like to congratulate you on the best revenge on a bloke I have ever seen." Yup, I thought maybe there was a glint in her eyes last week. So glad it wasn't ruined with spoilers. And Erica's a great friend to Liz, really rounds her out. Hope she stays around.

Great pair of episodes tonight, with character driven highs and lows, and kind supportive women. Liz owned the night but there was so much more. Sophie was out and about with fun people her own age. Kate had the daft but lovely Kirkeh's back. Eva the good sister was a kick butt auntie. Even Tracy got credit and had kind words. And, finally, someone thought to get actual contracts and have lawyers review them, just like in the real world. Huzzah!

John McE said...

Liz's revenge was hardly a surprise - did no-one notice the look in her eyes at the end of every scene with Tony over the past few weeks.

But I am delighted that it happened fairly quickly, rather than being dragged on for endless more months. And kudos to Terence Maynard and the writers for making Tony more than just a one dimensional villain. It's just a pity that Tracy wasn't more crushed by the outcome.

Mary is becoming quite unbearable - now that she is being used more, her over-enthusiastic rants about... well just about anything, are very uncomfortable to watch, to this viewer at least.

Tvor said...

The real telling line was Liz saying she had to do what she had to do. If it was a true reunion, I would have thought she'd have said something along the lines of having to follow her heart. And she wasn't passionate in her defence. I loved it all!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I thought it was obvious all along what Liz was up to. Well it was to me anyway.

And yes, a good smack upside the head is all Simon needs.

C in Canada said...

It was easy to spot what Liz was doing, and why she told no one about it that could have possibly spoiled it.

Why hasn't Simon gotten a good thrashing?

Unknown said...

BYE BYE TONY! Absolutely loved tonight's episodes! Corrie at its best.

Anonymous said...

Re Leanne - I'm a bit surprised at the "piling on" that Peter is getting by the writers. Clearly Peter is a deeply flawed husband and father, but I can't believe he was or would be so disinterested in Simon.

When will Leanne ever get the hint and put the boy into counselling with a good therapist?

Rapunzel said...

Brilliant acting from some brilliant women. Liz, obviously, and all those around her (Michelle, Eileen, Erica, even Tracey-luv). Then we had Jane Danson playing a blinder (thank God at least one writer remembers how good her acting range is). Sally's "my daughter is a lesbian" scene had me in stitches - bless her! And as for Eva - I was fond of her before her break away, but she hasn't missed a beat since she's been back. She's fast becoming my favourite character.

All that said, as much as I loved the girl power storyline, I am hoping that Tony will come back. Terence Maynard fires up the screen for me.


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