Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 18 November

Wednesday 18th November
IT’S CRUNCH TIME FOR LEANNE AND SIMON As a crowd gathers outside the bistro, Leanne’s sickened to realise the word ‘whore’ has been spray-painted on the wall. Guessing it’s Simon’s handiwork, Leanne searches his school bag and finds a can of spray paint. Simon’s defiant when Leanne confronts him, goading Leanne about her infertility and calling her an awful mum. Leanne screams at Simon to shut up, on the verge of striking him. Will Leanne lash out? Horrified by her loss of control a tearful Leanne tells Eva she can’t cope any longer and thinks Simon would be better off living with Ken!
TONY AND JASON HAVE A HEART TO HEART Jason’s shocked when Tony confesses that he and Todd stole and set fire to Callum’s car. When Tony urges Jason to forget pursuing his own revenge, will Jason agree?
KATE SETS A DATE WITH CAZ Kate admits to Michelle that although she loves Caz, because they spend so little time together their relationship can be very intense. When Caz suggests a February wedding, all the eyes of her family are on Kate. Will she agree?
ELSEWHERE Luke summons Jamie to the garage and furiously accuses him of daubing the graffiti on the bistro as a veiled threat to Steph. When Steph walks in on the row, will Jamie’s dirty tactics be revealed?

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Anonymous said...

Luke should have told Steph what was going on from the get go.

I know it's wrong but in seeing that photo I sincerely hope Leanne at least gives Simon the slap he so richly deserves!

MartesBC said...

I do hope Simon gets the professional help he truly deserves before his wounds make him angrier as he moves into puberty.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake can't someone see that Simon is in desperate need of counselling! Why would Leanne send him to live with an 80 year old man who already has a house full of people! High time his deadbeat father stepped up to the plate and took some responsibility for his kid.

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