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Sunday 22 November 2015

Tina O'Brien talks Sarah Platt's baby bombshell

Pictures released by ITV today show Sarah Platt being knocked down on the cobbles by Tim's van. She looks in a bad way and will be taken to Weatherfield General for treatment - where she's given the shock news that she's pregnant!  It's Callum's baby, of course...

Sarah's hit by Tim's van after she goes on a date with Aidan Connor. Actor Tina O'Brien, who plays Sarah tells the Express: “It’s awful; it’s the worst date in history! She’s not ready for it. She’s trying to prove a point: ‘I can do this, I am happy’, and she tries to mask her insecurities with alcohol. She ends up very drunk and Aidan is not impressed.”

Tina says that she took acting tips from Alison King, who plays Carla Connor, when she was told that she'd have to act drunk on set.

“She told me something very interesting, which I tried and it did really work,” Tina reveals to the Express. “She said I should spin around in a circle, just before we filmed the scene. It made me really dizzy, but it helped, because it sent me off balance. So you then concentrate on trying to focus yourself a bit more, like you would do if you were really drunk.

“Sue Cleaver [Eileen Grimshaw] was in the scene with me and she was laughing her head off, because five seconds before they began filming I was spinning round and round on the spot. She thought I was mad! Hopefully it helped, but it was hard; I don’t know if I’ll be watching those scenes to be honest!”

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Somewhere along the line, Callum's mother is back on the scene when David helps her after she's mugged. Then the Platts will have to decide whether to tell Marion about a possible grandchild. Wonder if Sarah is persuaded to go through with the pregnancy after Marion promises to adopt the child. Oth,it sounds too much like Faye's storyline. Worst of all, it could mean months of Callum-related episodes.

Dubcek said...

The smart thing would have been for her to have a miscarriage due to the accident, there are already too many babies on the Street now.
Why has SB got pregnancy on the it because he can't be so has to have everyone on the Street pregnant in revenge?

Anonymous said...

Surely Sarah would just quietly have an abortion? Oh, I forgot. this is Corrie! Real world? NOT!

Anonymous said...

Another unplanned pregnancy come on! Sarah has been pregnant twice before you'd think she'd know better. I am so not looking forward to this storyline which will mean more of the bloody Platts!

Anonymous said...

I'm also fed up with the Platts and instead of another pregnancy why not have Sarah have HIV instead?Then she would really regret dating Callum to spite David.
As for Aidan,i thought he fancied Eva? Or in an attempt to justify storylines for Sarah,is she going to start dating every available bloke on the Street now?

abbyk said...

Is birth control available to unmarried people in the UK? Sheesh, I wouldn't wish a miscarriage on anyone but then again these aren't real people, so maybe it would be okay and we could be spared.

Tvor said...

Classic Soap cliche. Oh well.
It's very difficult to act drunk believably. Very few actors are convincing at it, though Chris Gascoyne was one of the best ones. Alison King was pretty good, too but most of them just make me cringe.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the producer and writers (or whoever develops the story lines) show contempt for women in general when they show character after character on the street become pregnant "by accident". It is as if not one female character has a brain cell. For goodness sake, 14 year olds understand clearly about contraception. Please enter the 21st century!

Flo said...

I was hoping this was just a rumor when I first read it, ugh! Considering the amount of time that has passed since she last slept with Callum, wouldn't you think she'd know she was pregnant?! This is becoming the storyline that never ends. :(

Rapunzel said...

Sarah didn't know she was pregnant with Bethany until 5 months in (hence too late for termination). She was 12 at the time so that was more believable. But perhaps her menstral cycle is irregular so normal signs weren't obvious.


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