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Saturday 28 November 2015

Corrie weekly update - giving Erica a hand upstairs

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As we bumble towards baubles, teeter towards tinsel and (get on with it!) career towards Christmas, there’s not much on Coronation Street this week that has me looking forward to any festive Corrie cheer. I know it’s early days as far as Christmas goes, but this week has been dull for this fan, Corrie-wise. Anyway, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Simon isn’t settling well at No. 1 with Ken and the Barlow crew after Leanne dumped him last week. Robert’s the one who comforts Simon and there’s a lovely scene where Simon cries in Robert’s arms in the ginnel. Robert’s clearly taking on the role of our much-missed Deirdre in this storyline.  But Simon continues to lash out, torments Amy and ends up being taken back to the flat with Leanne. She finally does what she should have done months ago and seeks advice from her GP who puts her in touch with a counsellor and the two of them go to their first session. So far, so truculent.

However, Tracy isn’t best pleased that Robert’s showing concern for Simon and especially for Leanne. In her jealousy she accuses Robert of having an affair with Leanne and he chucks her out of the Bistro with “You poisonous little bitch!” before spending the night at his mate’s house and giving Tracy a wide berth.

Erica moves into the flat above Dev’s shop and Dev falls over himself to help his new, blonde, female shop assistant and tenant settle into her new life. “I’m just going to give Erica a hand upstairs,” Dev tells Mary, who’s not best pleased that there’s yet another woman taking Dev’s affections. “I don’t think Erica needs your hand upstairs!” she retorts, a wonderful line.  Mary really does get some cracking dialogue written for her, and Patti Claire who plays Mary is a comedy genius, I admire it all but I really do not like Mary one bit. She’s a nasty piece and no mistake.

Someone who has taken a shine to Mary is Brendan, who asks Mary to go away with him to a convention of The Inexplicable magazine that he edits. Mary accepts, until Brendan tells her that he’s only asked her as it’s not his wife’s cup of tea. His wife? Mary rushes to the ladies loo in the Rovers for a cry.
Luke races, Jamie threatens to post Steph’s nuddy pics online. Steph calls his bluff, Jamie posts them anyway.  Yup, I’ve skipped over what has been the most tedious part of this storyline this week.  However, Tisha Merry has been wonderful to watch as Steph reacting to Jamie posting her pictures online. She calls the cops on Jamie and he’s arrested. I hope it’s the last we see of Jamie and this contrived storyline. However, more storylines for Steph would be great.

Gary’s back from Germany with a steely glint in his eye when he turns up for work at the gym. Sharif and Zeedan tell him he can’t work there, not after he dumped Alya but Gary reminds them that he’s signed a contract that they gave him and he’s a partner in the gym.  Cue ensuing bit of friction before Zeedan tells Sharif he wants out of the gym anyway as he’s not happy working there and Gary throws a guy out of the gym for dealing steroids, proving his management potential.

And at Tyrone and Fiz’s house, Tyrone gets himself into all kinds of debt and ends up ringing a payday loan company. Oh dear.

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This week’s writers were Ellen Taylor and John Kerr (Monday double); Mark Wadlow (Wednesday); Perrie Balthazar (Thursday); Jonathan Harvey (Friday double). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team.
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Tvor said...

Steph was wonderful this week once she found out about the pictures. No ranting, no raving, just quiet dignity and hurt. I had thought that when she found out, she'd be the one to really make Jamie pay, and she did, but not in the way I expected. It was better, really, her making Jamie feel like a pathetic loser and having him arrested quickly. Bonus points for Andy telling his girlfriend what happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Robert's mum was a victim of domestic violence. That would explain his fury at Tracy, who reacts as so many others do, that it's the victim's own fault. Glad they decided that Steph would not be blackmailed and called Jamie's bluff, even if it meant those photos would be exposed. Mary annoys me no end. Annie Wilkes personified. I wonder what it will be that tips her over the edge?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[15;50]I don't think Mary will become pschyo like Annie Wilkes did. Considering Dev's reputation with woman and the debacle he made with his relationship with Julie,I think she is genuinely about the children getting attached to Erica as they did with Julie only for their father to end the relationship again.
Speaking of pschyo characters,it seems as though Gary has returned to his dark side so do speak.
It does bother me that whenever someone cheats,that person becomes the 'victim'as we're seeing now with Alya and the person who was betrayed [Gary]the villain.


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