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Friday 20 November 2015

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Males - No. 11


Duration: 1983-2003
Played by: Kevin Kennedy
2012 character poll position (men): 11

Norman ‘Curly’ Watts was introduced as a bin-man, working with Eddie Yeats and Chalkie Whitely. He was very studious and later became Emily Bishop’s lodger, moving his telescope into the attic. He lodged at No3 until 1988 when he moved in with the Duckworths. He later moved into No7 and bought the house from Rita in 1992.

After attending business school, became assistant manager at Bettabuys and formed a double act with pompous manager Reg Holdsworth. Curly’s battles with staff Vera and Ivy were quite reminiscent of Swindley and Ena Sharples in the 60s. He later became manager at Firman’s Freezers and later Frescho.

Curly was an unlikely Lothario. With his round specs he was currently a catch. His list of conquests include Shirley Armitage, Kimberley Taylor, Anne Malone, Angie Freeman, Maxine Heavey and Maureen Holdsworth. He certainly gave Des Barnes a run for his money. But his true love was Raquel Wolstenhulme, despite her not reciprocating his feelings. She did marry him in 1995 but only because Des had rejected her. Curly’s love for Raquel was proven when he named a star ‘Mrs Raquel Watts’ in her honour.

The Watts were only married briefly before Raquel left in 1996. She made a brief return in 2000 to tell Curly that they had a daughter called Alice. Curly later met and married policewoman Emma Taylor. They had a son called Ben, delivered with the help of Norris! 

Curly became a councillor in 2001, succeeding Audrey Roberts. But in 2003 Curly, Emma and Ben left for Newcastle.

Curly’s best friends on the cobbles included Kevin Webster, Terry Duckworth, Martin Platt, Des Barnes, Gary Mallett, Jim McDonald and Jack Duckworth.

Kevin Kennedy has wished to return as Curly many times. Would you like him to return?

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Stephen said...

Yes, please bring Curly back, definitely. The producers (re-)introduce characters constantly to replace others departing, and what do we get? The awful Sarah and Bethany Platt, the contentious Connors, and now we have had the depressing news that they are dredging up Rob Donovan to throw yet more spanners in the works. Let's have Curly back, to bring some sunshine onto the cobbles, as Steve McDonald, Liz and Kirk do. And he's vulnerable enough that many a great plot could be woven around him.

Ancient corrier said...

I'd love to see curly back. A nice caring bloke who gets on with everyone. Not gonna happen is it!

Anonymous said...

I would also love to see Curly back! He was a really nice bloke I was quite fond of him. Didn't care for his wife though so if he returns I hope he is a single Dad.
Speaking of single Dads how come we never, ever see wee Jack? Kevin's little boy he disappeared ever since the story with Jenny.

Tvor said...

Curly was always one of my favourites!

Anonymous said...

Curly's time has passed. I loved him at the time but he wouldn't fit into the street anymore. Curly was ace as a character forlorn in love in his twenties and thirties but just wouldn't work as a loser in love in his fifties. - Micky

Helen said...

I would love to see Curly return...he would certainly improve the street. give him a good story line and he would brighten up the show.


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