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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Love and Sex in the TV Soap

The BFI in London are holding a season celebrating Love and as part of that, there's a session called From Hollyoaks to EastEnders: Love and Sex in the TV Soap. 

Love and sex are key drivers of the TV Soap. From loveable rogues and heart-throbs to iconic strong women, tragic victims and that gay kiss, love has given us some of our most memorable soap moments. How do we feel about these portrayals of relationships, and how influential are soaps on the way we conduct our own relationships? Just where do the writers’ and producers’ responsibilities start and finish? Engage with some of your favourite soap characters and creative teams in our fun, clip-filled look at love and sex in the TV soap.

So far at this event, cast members and producers of Hollyoaks and EastEnders have been confirmed as speakers. Our blogger Stevie Dawson will be attending and reporting back from the event and we'll see how love and sex in other soaps compares to that portrayed in Coronation Street too.

The event is free to attend on Monday 30 November 2015 and details of how to book your ticket are here.

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Tvor said...

Sex has always been a staple of soaps, even if it was more discreet than it is now. Love triangles are the blood of soaps, and there's always a "love rat", be it male or female. I grew up with American soaps and for many years, the actual bedroom or elsewhere sex scenes are far more explicit than in the UK soaps. Even now on Corrie it's rare you see a couple in bed. You see the beginning of what will be a very sexy scene, only for them to scarper up the stairs or the camera cuts to a new scene, then we get the aftermath, all cuddly and loved up. (usually)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the people on Corrie? I'm grateful we see very little mattress action.

Anonymous said...

At least the people on Corrie look like real people, rather than American soaps where everyone is plastic and perfect.

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