Friday, 20 November 2015

Did Carla Connor marry her cousin?

With the news that Jonny Connor is going to turn out to be Carla's biological dad, some of the tabloids this week have carried the shock! horror! story that it'll mean an incest storyline on Coronation Street.

Not so.

If Jonny does indeed turn out to be Carla's real dad, this means that Carla married her third cousin when she wed Paul Connor. She also lusted after and had a fling with Paul's brother Liam, who was also her third cousin. 

ITV have confirmed to us here at the Coronation Street Blog that the family tree we've drawn up showing that Carla is third cousins (and not second cousins) with Paul, Liam and Michelle Connor is the family tree model they have used too. 

As marriage between cousins is legal in the UK, it means that there isn't an incest storyline coming up in Corrie.  Whether it makes a good storyline remains to be seen.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

First cousin marriage is legal in the UK so third cousin means absolutely nothing. Paul/Liam and Carla didn't have children so there isn't even a health question in the storyline. It may have been co-incidence in the casting but Carla and Kate do look alike. However, neither of them look like Johnny. Carla has never talked about her father to my recollection so I had the feeling he wasn't around. Are the writers going to fill in the gap now and say Carla adored her dad? More interesting is how Rob found this out.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this post as I got confused when I saw the 'incest' storyline headlines. Gosh I know the media like to exaggerate but couldn't they at least try to get some of it right?

Humpty D, I think Carla has only mentioned her father a few times and she has never said anything good about him. Pretty sure she said he was an alcoholic who was hardly ever there.

Anonymous said...

Rob read this blog obviously and рut 2 and 2 together :) - or am I mixing uр real life lol

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Paul and Liam Sr. are SECOND cousins to Aidan, Kate and (?)Carla. First cousins share the same grandparents; second cousins share the same great-grandparents.

Michelle is Johnny's FIRST cousin once removed, and Maria's little Liam is Johnny's FIRST cousin twice removed. The "removed" means they share an ancestor but not at the same level of directness. Johnny's grandpa/granny is Michelle's great-grandpa/great-granny and little Liam's great-great-grand.

Of course, Carla's relationships with Paul and Liam were not incest no matter what degree of cousins they were.

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