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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Corrie weekly update - Mr & Mrs Metcalfe and son

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It’s been quite a week in Weatherfield with a wedding to enjoy and two new characters to meet.  The wedding of course, was Tim and Sally’s big bash although it wasn’t clear right up until the last minute whether Tim would turn up.  On the day of the wedding, Sally was in full-on bride mode, wearing her bride’s tracksuit outfit as she prepped dragees in lace for the guests.  Sophie and Rita worried about Sally’s state of mind, and tried to talk her out of going through with the wedding, feeling sure that she’d be left jilted at the altar. 

Sally carried on, determined, sure in her heart if not her head that Tim would turn up. “He loves me, he’ll be there,” she tells the doubters.  Even Kevin pops round and has a word with his ex-wife, warning her that she might be cruising for a bruising of the heart instead of ending up spliced.  But Sally won’t be put off and as she gets her hair done at the salon by Audrey and slips into her wedding outfit, she looks absolutely glorious.  

Meanwhile, Craig and then Kevin go and have a quiet word with Tim, telling him that if he loves Sally as much as he thinks he does, then he’d best get to the Bistro and marry her or risk losing her forever.  He turns up. Of course he turns up, but it’s very last minute and the registrar is straining to get away to his next gig.  And so, there in the Bistro, the venue’s first wedding takes place. 

Tim reads out something from the heart he’s written himself, clearly having conquered his literacy issues and Sally chokes back the tears, much as we did on the sofa while watching it too.  The registrar then pronounced Sally Webster and Timothy Osmond Metcalfe husband and wife and the newlyweds snogged to their hearts delight. Sophie rounds up some of the regulars from the Rovers and on the promise of free drinks in the Bistro, there’s a party of sorts with Sally and Tim dancing around, madly in love.  

After the do ends, Tim and Sally walk home and at Sally’s insistence, he lifts her up to carry her over the threshold. But it’s not to be. Just after he lifts Sally in his arms, he drops her on the ground and Sally’s writhing around in the garden in her wedding dress.  It doesn’t seem to dampen their ardour and they zip off on honeymoon soon after Sally presents Tim with a wedding gift of a new van for his window-cleaning round. The sign on the van reads “Metcalfe and Son”.  “Well, it sounds more professional,” says Sally, ignoring Tim’s protests that he doesn’t have a son.
Over at Underworld, Carla secures a new contract for comfortable bras which are tested out by the client power-walking up and down on the cobbles. This was apropos of nothing, a lovely little scene that made me smile a lot.  As Carla’s securing the deal, Aidan’s dad Jonny and his sister Kate walk into Underworld and back into Aidan’s life. Jonny’s not best pleased with his son for investing in Underworld with what, it transpires, was Jonny’s life savings that he’d simply placed in Aidan’s bank account for safe keeping.  Carla now has to negotiate which one of the Connor men she’s running a business with and it looks like it’s the older and wiser Jonny.
At the Platt household there’s something nasty going on. We all know it’s Callum’s dead body starting to cause problems as a wet patch appears through the concrete on the floor.  Is there something grisly going on in Gail’s manhole? While Kylie and David try to convince Tony and Gary not to dig up the concrete to find out what’s going on in the drains, Sarah’s beside herself with worry when she reads in the Weatherfield Gazette that a body’s been found in the canal.  She goes to the cops to tell them she thinks the dead body is Callum but Kylie follows her there and pulls her out of the cop shop before she says anything she shouldn’t.  Sarah wants to know what’s going on, why Kylie won’t let her report the body to the cops and there’s only one way Kylie can think of to shut Sarah up. She takes her home, takes her into the garage, shows her the damp patch on the floor and Sarah finds out the horrible home truth.

Finally this week, Roy buys tickets for him and Cathy to go to a classical concert together. But when Roy finds out that Ken is missing having someone to do things with, he asks Ken to the concert instead. Anna breaks the news to Cathy about Roy’s change of heart but this only endears Roy to Cathy even more.  It also endeared Anna even less to me.

And that's just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sally is pregnant and that is why she was adamant to get wed? Could the sign on the van be a hint of what her ultrasound revealed?

Louby said...

That's really going to work with Sarah isn't it, tell an already hysterical woman that the dead body is actually under the floor. And why would that patch appear, the concrete was put on top of the manhole cover was it not? I don't know why I'm questioning the logic of anything to do with this ridiculous plot. Thankfully the rest of Corrie is pretty good at the moment, Roy taking Ken out was ace.

Anonymous said...

Convenient plot device to drag out an already tedious and ridiculous storyline. Callum tried to kill her! Why is she so frantic about it? He drugged her and blackmailed her daughter - terrorized her grandmother and constantly threatened her entire family with bodily harm if they didn't give him 20k which they obviously do not have, not to mention almost killing Jason. Also, if Callum and his mum were so close as we've been led to believe (lately) why didn't he ask her for the cash?? Why were his 'thungs' ready and willing to do whatever he asked of them when he had no dosh to pay them off?

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