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Monday 19 October 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 19 October 2015

She had to turn up some time. In fact it is surprising that it has taken her so long, knowing full well that Callum’s son Max lives with the Platts at number 8. Or maybe she is used to Callum going ‘underground’ and so expects a disappearance from to time. But that begs the question – how much does Callum’s mother know about how her son earns his living? Or is she like the famed Violet Kray, mother of the Kray twins, who succeeded for some time to keep their mum out of the picture? ‘My lovely boys’ is all Violet Kray ever said about Ronnie and Reggie.

Marion appears respectable, for want of a better word. She seems decent, polite and tries to be a good mother. Maybe this time feels different to her from the other times Callum has had to keep a low profile. Well, it certainly is!

Marion asks if they are hiding something from her. She tells them, ‘He never forgets my birthday. I have these nightmares. I know he lives in a dangerous world.’ So, she must know something, as she refers to his ‘dangerous world.’

David’s strategy is to tell Marion what a violent, drug dealing criminal her son Callum is. Marion is clearly shocked and is almost shoved out of the house by an angry David. ‘Your son is a drug-dealing thug!’ And with that she is despatched. Sarah and Kylie are shocked by the brutal way David sends her packing, He is having none of it.

Has Sarah made a mistake by allowing Billy to know that there is a problem? After all it is his job to help his flock so he is just carrying out his duty. Not to notice that Sarah is highly anxious would be a dereliction of duty. Michelle has asked Sarah several times if she is alright. Sarah is the one not coping well at all. The worry is etched on her face and her behaviour, for anyone who is watching her closely is clearly a sign of someone with a very heavy conscience.

Never the closest of siblings, David attacks his sister Sarah to tell her shut her mouth and stop confiding in the vicar. As yet, she hasn’t given the game away, but she may do if she is encouraged to talk further. David, though, is on her case.  
‘You let one drip of truth come out and that turns into a trickle, then a flood and the police are knocking on our door.’ He reminds her that only three people know the truth. He threatens her by saying that if she continues to talk, he will tell the police that it was Sarah who killed Callum and that she forced David and Kylie to cover for her. Sarah is shattered by this.

David says that she should go back to Milan. Sarah gives in her notice then has the task of telling Bethany, who, Sarah knows won’t like it. David tells her that she is a kid and will do as he’s told, which is ironic given David’s adolescent behaviour. Bethany really does not want to go back to Milan and says, ‘You’ll have to kill me and take me to Milan in a coffin.’

Every so often we hear about Kirk and Maria’s parents, which serve to remind us that Maria and Kirk are siblings. Their mum has broken her hip and Maria is all set to fly to Cyprus.

Alya is brooding on the fact that she has let Gary down by sleeping with Jason.  It is Sinead who gives her the best advice. Either tell Gary or don’t and move on. Alya decides that they should get married – at Christmas. Gary doesn’t think there’s enough time but Alya points out that with her gran and Gary’s mum, they would probably be able to sort it out in two days. Sharif says he is very proud of her and it is a very warm scene as Gary eats with the family. It is impossible not to think that at some point, this seemingly smooth plan will be ruined.

Likewise with Steph and Maria. Just as they talk about Luke and his promise to no longer race, we see Jamie and Luke. Jamie has debts and is desperate for Luke to race with him. In his desperation, Jamie, who is an ex boyfriend of Steph sends to Luke’s phone pictures of Steph, that she wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone else. Luke is furious and even more so when Jamie threatens to send the pictures to their parents, or her boss. ‘You drive or your little sister becomes an internet porn star.’

Andy goes to see Michael but heard what he thought was Michael having difficulty breathing. It became known that in fact Michael and Eileen were involved in some afternoon delight. Then Steph and Andy take on the role of grumpy parents and tell Michael that he must improve his standards in the home including putting the toilet seat down and taking away the cardboard roll when a toilet roll has been used up. Michael looks glum and turns to Eileen. ‘Can I come and live with you?’ he asks. She gives him short shrift after the complaints she’s heard from Andy and Steph.

At the factory there is excitement as Mathew Singh is in town, an old friend of Johnny’s. Aidan wants to go alone to meet him, so Johnny asks Kate to get in touch with Mathew Singh and see if he can make the meeting an hour earlier. They meet in The Bistro and Johnny is shocked not to see his old mate. He has died, says his son, three years ago. Later Aiden turns up and seems to clinch the deal. Carla’s warning of them not to be clowns, seems to have worked.
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abbyk said...

Not keen on Les Nouveaux Connors or Michael the simpering manchild, but it sure is nice to have Stevie Mac back.

Anonymous said...

Way to go David with regards to Marion. Head in the sand woman. She needs to know some home truths about her son. how could she expect to be treated differently when in the home of the family she tried to destroy?

C in Canada said...

I don't know why Marion would keep turning up at the Platt's, as they wanted nothing to do with Callum and wouldn't (in normal circumstances) know where he is if he'd disappeared.
Callum had brought that house nothing but grief so why she would go there AGAIN makes no sense. Very contrived.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with the comments above regarding Marion. Of course it's only to help the story along, but it fails to help much because it's so unlikely. David should inform the police that she's harassing them. Naturally he won't because the story is going to run and run. Eventually, Marion will notice that Sarah is pregnant and that will lead us in to another year of the Platts.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Davis scaring bethany when he said he would attack her mum again and then come after her! david was truly 'on fire' last night - the return of evil David! What a joy to behold :)

Tvor said...

What I thought was odd was Kate tagging along on the business meeting. She might have been there to blag a free lunch but she stayed on after grabbing Aidan to save their father's behind after Daddy tried to sabotage the whole meeting in the first place. As far as I know, Kate has no work experience at all let alone in business. She didn't even want to work in the factory full stop. She's in packing. I suppose she got away with it because it was her father and brother. It felt a bit contrived, like pushing it "our family is a team, see?" that sort of thing. Might have worked better if I had known that Kate had some business experience and was backing Aidan instead of her father.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one offended by Billy thinking it is his duty to to pester Sarah and press her to reveal her problems. He may be a vicar but she is not a member of his congregation and has no connection to him, other than as a barmaid in a pub he occasionally frequents. She did not seek him out. He's overstepping his position. Having said that, I think Sarah is a useless, immature twit. Her "hysteria" is wearing thin. She needs to get a grip, and fast! Apparently thinking rationally is beyond her capabilities. She's made one bad choice after another, pretty much all her life. No wonder Evil David is so exasperated with her.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one annoyed by Billy pestering and pressing Sarah to reveal what's bothering her? I realize he's a vicar and cares about people but Sarah is not a member of his congregation and has no relationship with him other than as barmaid in a pub he occasionally frequents.
Having said that, I find Sarah's "hysteria" tedious. She's not a kid anymore, even though she continues to act like one. She needs to get a grip, fast! No wonder Evil David is so exasperated with her.

Unknown said...

I agree with Tvor, it did seem odd. Kate is only a packer after all

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[17;40]I'm also getting annoyed with Billy pressing Sarah to tell him more,I guess it's a contrived ploy to give him a storyline.
Considering that he drugged her and was choking her the night he died[after she lured him to the house]I also find Sarah's hysteria tedious and her 'guilt' misplaced.
I bet if Sarah does tell Billy all[and I think she will]she won't be 'hysterical' anymore but watching with a nasty, smug smirk when David and Kylie are arrested for Callum's murder.

Zagg said...

I sure don't find Sarah's reaction misplaced at all. Any normal person would be freaked out beyond belief seeing someone killed no matter the circumstances, especially when that person dies on top of you. And certainly part of her angst is what the hell will happen in the future? To think that a sane person could keep quiet about that conspiracy for the rest of your life is crazy. The guilt would eat you alive.


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