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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Coronation Street Weds 14th October episode review

Hiya! It's Jordan again with another Wednesday review. Corrie made a welcome return to our screens tonight after football got in the way on Monday. Most of tonight's episode was frivolous comedy, which is what Corrie does oh-so brilliantly but two main storylines progressed somewhat.

It is yet another difficult day for Tyrone and Fiz; they are going to find out the results of Hope's recent scan. Obviously, it is not good news but Hope has a type of cancer which is not usually classed as high risk. There is an 80% chance she'll survive, but as Fiz candidly puts it, a 20% chance she'll die. It is revealed that Hope must undergo chemotherapy.

At Number 1, Ken is encouraging Amy to take up a musical instrument. Initially, Mini-Blanche is against the idea but she soon warms when Robert takes her to a music shop and she spots an opportunity to wind her mother up. Tracy is horrified to hear that Robert has put a deposit down on a drum-kit, and then rather embarrassed to hear that she has been the victim (for once) of a joke. By the end of the episode, Amy has decided to learn the violin, much to Ken's delight.

Another fantastic scene happened in the Rovers between the fabulous Beth and Sinead. Beth is on a 90s pop themed mission to win a year's supply of cheese for Darryl and Kirk. To save describing it, I will just show you it here.
"Beyoncé, obviously. Kelly Rowland who was on The X Factor. I don't remember her being in Destiny's Child"
"She's white"
"That's what I'm saying. But Google keeps saying Michelle Williams was the other member. I'm sure this is the girl out of Brokeback Mountain. I recognise her because it's one of Kirky's favourites"

Sarah is standing frozen over Callum's resting place. A sickening look is painted on her face and she explains to David and Kylie that she just 'had to see it again'.  They decide that the sooner Gail's granny-flat is completed, the better. Logic tells them that the situation will somehow improve once it is more than just a makeshift graveyard.  Kylie is so desperate for the work to be done, she volunteers to help, despite being far from a qualified builder. She even buys the men some cans. At the end of the day, the builders leave the work half-done and Kylie goes ballistic. David tries to reassure her, telling her that everyone thinks Callum is miles away. But Kylie protests - Callum is with them in the house and he always will be. Or so she thinks. Surely no man is going to stay underneath Gail for that long?
"As far as everyone's concerned, Callum is miles away"
"He's not though, is he? He is here. In this house. With us. And he always will be"

As always, thanks for reading.

And keeping with the 90s pop theme, I am now off to a 90s party wearing a 'Free Deirdre' t-shirt.

Until next week.

Jordan, Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Anonymous said...

Your description of Callum under Gail's floor boards made me think that down the road she'll start having nightmares about the beating of his tell tale heart. Oh wait, he didn't have one. Problem solved.

And just what kind of half-wit psychopath is David anyway? Tossing the body under the floor.. did he learn nothing from Richard Hillman? They should have weighted him down and tossed him in the flaming Canal!

Anonymous said...

80% chance she'll die? Don't you mean 'survive'?

Anonymous said...

I also believ there are 2 michelle williams - one from dawson's creek and brokeback mountain and the other from destiny's child (black one)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jordan. I can always count on you for a mid-week chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Is Ken seriously going to teach Amy the violin? I thought after the recorder episode, everyone knew the kid was tone deaf.

Unknown said...

Yes of course I did haha :) oopsy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[1;13]I think Kylie and David were planning to get rid of Callum's body in the canal in his car which was stolen by Tony anf Todd who burnt it before David had a chance to put the body in the trunk.

Zagg said...

Ugh...I so wish they had not gone this route with hiding Callum's body. It is dragging this whole scenario out way longer than it needed to be. They should have called the police immediately. Kylie saved Sarah's life etc...end of story. They should have wound this up and moved onto another story line with other characters at this point. I am happy that Callum is gone. But even dead, he is messing up this show. Bad writing all the way around. It's like they paint themselves into a corner and then write such incredulous story lines to get out of it. I am sick to death of this whole story.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Jordan. Keep'em coming!


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