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Saturday 17 October 2015

Corrie weekly update - Tinky Winky and a violin

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Published this Thursday, October 22, 2015

It’s been a short week on the cobbles this week with only three episodes, due to football being shown.  And in those three episodes we’ve seen, I don’t feel there’s much in the way of storyline progression as Corrie seems to be stuck in the u-bend under Gail’s garage floor.

Speaking of which, Jason, Tony and Gary finish the work in the garage that will become Gail’s new bedroom, chez Platt.  Sarah’s beside herself with fear at being caught by the cops and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown every time she’s on screen.  Billy the vicar knows summat’s up with Sarah and gets her to confide in him under his vicar of truth oath, or whatever it is. She tells him so much, but not all of what’s happened and pretends that Callum was beating her up and that’s why she’s upset. “Sometimes,” Billy the vicar tells her, “the world is better off without certain people.”  Sarah’s mind is put at rest, her tiny mind takes this to mean it’s ok that Callum’s been bashed to death on her kitchen floor and is now decomposing in a hole under the floor.  With her mind at ease, she resists the temptation to skip home and dance a lambada on the manhole.

There’s much malarkey at the factory when Jonny and Kate decide they want some of the knicker action. Jonny takes over cooking the books and sends Kate to learn the ropes from the bottom up in packing with Kirk. Beth’s not happy that Kate is working so closely to her Kirkeh and gives her what-for on the factory floor.  Kate puts Beth’s mind at ease later in the Rovers and tells her she doesn’t fancy her Kirk, she doesn’t fancy any bloke, she’s gay.

Mary had a bit of a starring role in one of the episodes this week as she flitted from hither (the caf√©) to thither (the Kabin) in her two jobs on the Street.  I liked Mary when she first joined Corrie, she was different, she was odd. Then she kidnapped Norris and went a bit mad and I’ve never liked her since. She's vindictive, spiteful and nasty. No amount of funny one-liners will redeem her to this fan I’m afraid. 

Hope has her operation in hospital this week and Tyrone muses whether a Telly Tubby would cheer her up. “Oh no,” says Fiz. “The last thing you want is a seven foot Tinky Winky looking down on yer when yer not feeling well.”   There’s an 80% chance that Hope will survive. But Fiz, as she does, as any mother would, focuses on the 20% chance that little Hope could die.  

Over at the Barlow’s Ken buys a violin for Amy to learn. She murders it, of course. It sounds like the a noise that a captive whale with the measles living in a cheap and nasty sea-land attraction in a broken down seaside town might make.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Telly-tubbies are scary at the best of times!


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