Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cathy's sister Nessa turns up on Coronation Street next week

Cathy's sister Nessa arrives in Coronation Street next week, and she takes a shine to Ken!

Cathy hosts an art class at the community centre, when her sister Nessa arrives in a state and tells her that her son Alex has gone missing. Ken and Audrey feel for her and offer to help in the search. As Nessa thanks Ken and Audrey for their help, Audrey’s quick to explain that they’re not a couple. Ken’s quietly disappointed whilst Nessa seems pleased.

Later, Ken and Audrey find Alex enjoying a drink in the Rovers. Ken quickly phones Roy. Nessa arrives in the Rovers, relieved to see Alex alive and well. Roy chats to Alex and makes him see how much he worried his Mum by staying out all night. Nessa thanks Ken for all his help and it’s clear she fancies him. Audrey bristles, while Alex apologises to mum Nessa.

Nessa is played by actress Sadie Shimmin. Sadie has acted in EastEnders, Mr Selfridge, Holby City, Prime Suspect, Silent Witness, The Bill... well, the list goes on and is very extensive. You can view her CV here.

Sadie has also appeared in Coronation Street before as Tilly Eaves - an acquaintance of Hayley Cropper. The pair met whilst working together on building an orphanage in Mozambique.

And if you're wondering with Fiz is dressed up in a Batman costume, I'm guesing it's for a Halloween party, unless anyone knows different?

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Philip said...

I'm just wondering. Are Nessa and Alex going to be regular characters or are they going to be classified as guest or recurring characters? With this potential love triangle storyline, I'm thinking that they might be appearing for a while.

On a related note what about Ted Robbins? Is he going to be a regular?

Anonymous said...

far too many characters now - get sharрening the axe Kate Oates!! ;)

Anonymous said...

In light of recent firings of characters due to 'lack of storyline',I'm not happy that a new character is used for yet another 'love triangle' storyline.I also think it's too soon after Deirdre's death for Ken to get involved with anyone even Audrey.

Zagg said...

More new characters? Wow, this is so out of hand. This is not what the viewers want. Where are the good stories for the characters we know and love?

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