Friday, 16 October 2015

Corrie Street Cars taxi up for sale on eBay

Here's a bit of an odd one. There's a car up for sale on eBay which claims it's Les Battersby's taxi he used to drive when he worked at Street Cars in Coronation Street.  Les was a driver with the Corrie cab firm between 2001-2007, according to Corriepedia.

The car is on eBay here - and it comes complete with old scripts from the show, a signed photo of the cast and beer mats from the Rovers Return.

There's no denying the car for sale has the same registration plate as the one used in Coronation Street, and pictured above.  However, the car used in Corrie was smashed up in a car crash on screen in New Year 2002. I'm guessing a stunt car was used in the smash and it could be the original red taxi that's been found in a barn and is now up for sale on the auction site.

The car crash action began when Les, devastated when Janice walked out on him for his best friend Dennis, tried to kill himself inside his taxi. But as exhaust fumes poured into the car, his rambling final words were heard over his radio back in Coronation Street and Dennis Stringer set off across town to find him.

Discovering him still alive, Dennis jumped in the driver's seat and set off to the hospital in a bid to save the life of his love rival. Moments later tragedy struck when a drink-driver slammed into the pair, leaving Dennis with fatal injuries.

You can watch the car in action and see the crash scene we mention above, via the wonders of YouTube:

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bbhilds said...

Found in a barn, and now in Northern Ireland, and had inside old scripts, a signed photo of the cast and beer mats from the Rovers? Call me cynical, but.... It may be what it says it is, but it's the 'found in a barn' bit I am not buying. Smacks more of Bruce Jones or someone else trying to make a few bucks to me.

Anonymous said...

The only tragedy of this story is that Les survived and Dennis did not! I have to agree with the above poster that this smacks of desperado Bruce Jones trying to make a fast buck.

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