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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Visiting the old Coronation Street set for the final time

There are only 10 weeks left to visit the old Coronation Street set on the Corrie Tour.  I know, just 10 short weeks.

I've already got my tickets booked for my final visit to the cobbles and I wondered if any other fans were planing a final farewell too?  You can buy tickets here.

I've visited the old set lots of times in the past both when it was open to the public and have been lucky enough to be invited in on VIP visits too.  Some of those visits were with the internet's first Coronation Sreet fan group ratucs (named after the usenet group which was taken over by Google Groups). There are even some old and grainy pictures online of our ratucs group visit to the site from 1997.

Last year, the set announced it would be closing down "sometime in the future" so my husband and I quickly bought tickets for what we thought would be our final visit to the set.  You can read all about that visit here.  And then it was announced that the set would stay open for another 12 months! But this time it's definitely closing at the end of the year

Will you be going back for a final visit to the old Corrie set?

I wonder what will happen to all the fixtures and fittings and, more importantly, to the cobbles. Will they be dug up and thrown out as part of the demolishment of this historic site? I do hope not and that something creative might happen where fans can buy one each, with proceeds going to charity.

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C in Canada said...

I would love to visit before it closes...unfortunately I'm across the pond! But I do love to follow all the adventures and behind the scenes stuff on this blog.
Cheers from Canada

Tvor said...

As you know, I did make one last trek in September. Couldn't resist since i was going to be in Manchester anyway. Wish I could come over for the Blogger "Ping" in December!

David said...

I'm going for the last time on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Sad it's closing, but glad I got there last September! Stayed at the Commercial Hotel, too, and had a pint in memory! Enjoy your last visit, everyone. It's a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to visit the cobbles, but something always came up to use the $$$ that I had saved. (I call my fridge Corrie, and my washer and dryer, too) When a seat sale came up unexpectedly, I jumped at the chance to go to London and on to Manchester from Surrey B.C.

I will be on the 6:00 tour of The Street on Sat. Dec.5!!! and I am thrilled down to my boots.

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