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Thursday 29 October 2015

Coronation Street Weds 28th October episode review

"You can't carry on like this"
"I've made a decision. I'm going to tell Gary about Jason and me. Tomorrow I am telling him the truth"
Hello! It's me again with another Wednesday review.

A storyline which had seemed to be lurking in the shadows recently took centre stage tonight. Alya's guilty secret is taking control of her and everyone around her is unwittingly rubbing salt in the wounds. The Nazirs have offered Gary a share in the gym, which everyone but Alya is thrilled about. When the factory girls are enthusing about the wedding, she gets very jumpy and eventually storms out of work. After a rather sweet talk with her gran, she reveals to confidante Sinead that she is going to tell Gary the truth. I really hope this does not take the story down the typical, overdone route of splitting up and possibly or possibly not reconciling over the coming months. I hope Gary can be open-minded, appreciate exactly what happened and forgive Alya.

Alya is not the only one harbouring a guilty secret. Since Hope's cancer diagnosis, Tyrone hasn't been thinking straight. Kevin is snowed under at the garage and is working day and night to keep the business going. Instead of working, Tyrone is understandably spending a lot of time with his family but is making very silly decisions. Not only is he showering Hope with expensive presents he can't afford, it is also too late to cancel the Lapland holiday he booked on a whim which he and Fiz definitely can't afford. Of course, Fiz has no idea of all this. She thinks it was cancelled weeks ago. I am sure she will be even more alight when she finds out. Tyrone has been sweet, but as always, dopey.
"Just had a letter from the travel company. I can barely afford the monthly repayments as it is"
"And I bet you've got Fiz on your back"
"No. She doesn't know a thing"

The highlight of tonight's episode for me was undoubtedly Mary. Patti Clare always lifts the tone of any episode she is in, but tonight in particular she provided a breath of fresh air in comparison to the dramas of Fiz and Tyrone and Alya and Gary.

Feeling under appreciated in her role of Mary Poppins as Dev's nanny and lacking, self-worth, Mary is on a mission to do something with her life. Whilst at the community centre with Cathy and Yasmeen, Cathy tries to lift her spirits by saying she could 'write a book' about all the places she has seen. A suddenly excited and inspired Mary takes this literally and rushes off straight away to plan a semi-autobiographical novel about her life. She even thinks up a name for the fictional version of herself. This is what Corrie does so well - camp comedy alongside gripping drama. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

"Roxy it is then. Strong, sexy and not to be messed with. Do one, Noz!"
"I've got to go to the chiropodist's about this bunion. Can you stand in for me at the shop?"
"I've more important things to do"

Elsewhere, Ken invites Audrey round for dinner, desperate to spend time with her. However, she bows out at the last minute due to a supposed migraine, just after had Rita playfully suggested she was spending a lot of time with him. As he says goodbye and closes the door, he looks like such a sad puppy. We all know it will be Ken and Deirdre forever, but I am not against the idea of Ken and Audrey at all. I think they'd be a rather sweet pair.

When a lazy delivery driver finds himself unable to deliver to the front of Underworld due to all the cars which Kevin is servicing, conflict starts on the Street between the Connors and the Websters. The two families squabble over moving the cars and St Sophie (who mentioned Maddie for the first time in months tonight) becomes a voice for the public's opinion of the ever-growing, very Confusing Congregation of Connors.

"I'm sick of it! They've been here five minutes. Carla wouldn't be acting like this"
"Yeah well, Carla isn't here, is she? And I am"
"It's the big 'I am'. It's all about you, innit?"
"Don't talk to my brother like that"
"Oh, go and pack some boxes love"
Overall, an enjoyable episode which developed some stories well and had a lot of very welcome comedic elements.

Thanks for reading!

Jordan, Twitter - @JordanLloyd39

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Anonymous said...

I like your reviews as you always approach them with a "glass half full approach" ie you focus on the positives.

Corrie has been very good in recent months with lots of sparkle in the scripts and more of a cohesive community feel.

The only downer with this episode is Sophie Webster. On paper I'm sure she's "feisty and strong" but in delivery, the character is just rude, mouthy & disrespectful.

Flo said...

I would hardly call what Fiz and Tyrone are going through as mundane--depressing yes, but mundane, far from it. Poor choice of words for a couple who are dealing with a child who is potentially dying from cancer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Flo'a comments and with regards to Kevin's business,why isn't he hiring more mechanics?

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why Tyrone is skint? Isn't he still co-owner of the garage with Kevin? They have a backlog of work on, so they can't be lousy mechanics. As someone whose grandfather ran his own garage, he was raking in the dough. I know it's a soap, but really, they operate on a different reality plane just for the sake of conjuring "drama."


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