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Saturday 24 October 2015

Corrie weekly update - the one with the gold and black jazzy dress

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There’s a lot happened on the cobbles this week. A lot. So hang on to your hats as we whisk off to Weatherfield for a whistle-stop round-up of events from the Street.

It’s all gone on at the Platt house this week. Callum’s mum Marion comes looking for her son, desperate to know if anyone has seen him. David does the right thing, as far as doing the right thing goes with the body of Marion’s dead son under the floor in the next room, and throws Marion out with a flea in her ear. Kylie and Sarah are upset with David’s actions but I think he did the right thing, acting as if they hadn’t killed her drug-dealing son and are offended by her asking questions about his disappearance after all the trouble he’s caused them.  Still, the Platt women are united that David was harsh. Marion is, after all, a mother just like they are and even though Kylie killed him, David buried the body and Sarah buried the truth, a little bit of sympathy shows.  Evil David, however, is firmly back on the scene and about time too. If only he’d been this nasty when Callum was alive, the Platt’s wouldn’t be in the pickle they’re in.

Sarah and Bethany head off to Milan as Sarah’s unable to cope with what they’ve done to Callum. David warns Sarah that if she breaks down and tells anyone, even the vicar that she’s started to confide in, what they’ve done to Callum, he’ll shop her to the cops as the murderer.  Sarah packs for Milan and tells Gail she’ll join her out there and at Gail’s request,  Sarah packs her mum’s favourite gold and black jazzy dress.  Bethany’s not happy to be leaving the Street and chucks her chips all over the cobbles before being bundled into a taxi. “Bye, uncle nick-nacks,” she tells her uncle Nick. Lovely stuff. 

Over at Underworld, Jonny Connor gets his feet right under the table and I like it a lot. He’s old-school, is Jonny. Think Mike Baldwin and you’re on the right track. He undermines Carla’s authority in the factory by buying in cheap material from the back of a truck.  But with Aidan’s help and spreadsheets he brings in an order, a big order that puts the girls on overtime and requires an additional pair of hands on the machines. The hands that are hired are perfectly manicured and belong to Eva, who’s back working in the factory when Carla takes her back on. Aidan isn’t best pleased that Carla’s hired someone without asking him first but when he sees Eva he fair falls in love. You can almost see the bluebirds fluttering around his head and just about hear the sound of violins when he claps eyes on Eva. It’s fair to say she’s got the job.
Maria leaves the Street and heads off to stay with her parents at their donkey sanctuary in Cyprus after her mum falls and breaks her hip. With Maria away, Luke is free to take part in this car race that Steph’s ex-boyfriend Jamie wants him to. But Luke tells Jamie he’s not interested in racing and he refuses to do it. That’s when Jamie tells Luke he’s got no choice but to race. Jamie’s skint and in deep debt and has a lot of money riding on his gamble for Luke to win in this race. Still Luke refuses, and that’s when Jamie blackmails Luke into racing when he shows him some photos of his sister Steph in the nuddy that he’s got on his phone. He tells Luke he’ll post the pictures of his sister all over the internet if he doesn’t take part in the race.

Up in the sky at Victoria Court, things are getting steamy on the sofa when Gavin walks in on Michael and Eileen enjoying a bit of afternoon delight. It’s high time Michael found a place of his own, Steph and Gavin tell him, and maybe they’re right.  I can’t understand why Michael isn’t considering divorcing Gail if he’s firmly decided his future isn’t with the woman he married not so long ago?

Speaking of unanswered questions, is Alya pregnant or not after her one-night stand with Jason? I think we have to assume that she’s not as it’s been so long ago and there’s been no mention of it, but it was never clarified one way or t’other. She tells Jason this week that she’s having a hard time concealing the truth about their night of passion from Gary. Jason rightly replies that it’s not his problem.  Annoyed, Jason heads out on a lads’ afternoon on the beer and gets into a fight with some bloke in a pub. Meanwhile, Gary and Alya set a date for a Christmas wedding and the Nazir family go into wedding planning overdrive while Alya does side-eyes every time it’s mentioned.    

The friendship between Ken and Audrey develops this week when he gives her a radio. “It’s got your name on it,” he tells her. Well, it was a Roberts.  They lunch together in the Bistro with conversation turning to Monteverdi (Ken) and Mantovani (Audrey).

And finally this week, Eccles is on a diet when the vet tells Ken that he’s being overfed.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth,I agreed with David throwing out Callum's mother.It was only a few months ago she along with Sarah was supporting his taking advantage of Kylie's absence to win custody of Max and now she expects to play 'happy families' thinking the Platts are concerned about Callum as she is?!
I also doubr that Sarah would be happy if the Fearns started taking an interest in Bethany.


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