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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Grimshaw goes west

Another one bites the dust then. This week we discovered that Ryan Thomas is to hang up his tool belt in 2016 and bid farewell to the cobbles. It's been a long old journey for Jason since he first appeared on the Street at Christmas 2000. Not a particularly dynamic one though.

Now before everyone starts hurling barm cakes in my general direction, that was not meant as a criticism. For me, Jason has always been one of those 'steady Eddie' characters which every soap needs in order to create a bit of balance. Jason was the new Millennium Jerry Booth. Every now and then there would be a bit of action followed by either calmer times or a spell in the Corrie cupboard. If the show was filled to the brim with characters in the same mould as Carla and David then none of us would last the course. For every high octane character there has to be a Kirk, an Emily or a Jason. They all add to the overall treat that is Corrie.

Jason's departure will cause a few shock waves. He will be saying goodbye to his business, something which may stay in the family if Tony remains. Somehow though I don't see Todd the Hod carrier as a going concern next year. There will be no reconciliation with the glorious Eva which paves the way for the pretty girl to hook up with the pretty boy (Aidan). Besides, the Eva/Jason story feels as though it has reached its natural conclusion so let's not go there again.

Which leaves us with Eileen, cheery slice of joy that she is. Before long she will be spending her days conversing with a biscuit tin in an empty cab office. No Steve. No Lloyd. No Michael. Just a torn armchair and old po-face slumped over a desk. To add to her misery, one less son at home. Hopefully Todd and Sean will get her to turn that frown upside down and drag her down Canal Street decked out in a feather boa.

Meanwhile, we prepare for Jason's exit. Hopefully the new producer will see fit to give him a happy ending and nothing too grim(shaw). Maybe the lovely Rosie Webster will return and whisk him away for a life in bar promotions? Jay-Boy has been a stayer, a good mate when required and a voice of reason in Eileen's often odd life. Let him mildly go to a brighter future, somewhere non-threatening. Like Hull.

David Bridgman, on twitter @bridglondon

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1 comment:

Rapunzel said...

Yes, I hope they don't decide to kill off Jason. I'm sorry that he and Eva won't have a happy ever after though - I think they're perfect for each other.

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